Monday, June 1, 2015

June GoaIs

Happy June 1st! How is this year halfway over? Craziness I tell you.

June is a fun month mostly because it is yours truly's birthday month! I'll be turning 31 and it just doesn't even seem right as I type that.  I still feel like I'm a teenager sometimes...although I have quite the responsibilities that most teenagers do not.

Moving on, let's first recap my May Goals before I dive into June goals

1. Start & Finish reading Going off Script - Done & Done! I started reading this book on the flight to FL and since we were traveling with 3 little kids I think I got through 3 pages.  But when we got back, I finished it in 2 days. It was such a fun read and I love Guiliana so of course I loved her book.

2. Build another veggie garden + plant vegetables - Check! The hubby built my second garden bed and the kids helped me plant new veggies, we can't wait for everything to start growing!

3. Plant flowers - Yep! I didn't plant much, but I got the front of the house and some in the back

4. Create a summer bucket list of fun things to do with the kids - Completed! I'll be sharing it later this week. We had fun coming up with tons of fun ideas!

So there you go - my first attempt at monthly goals and I basically rocked it :) I don't know why I would want to set the bar so high because I'm sure this likely won't happen very often

1. Finish planning little mans 5th birthday party - We are throwing our favorite little boy an awesome carnival themed 5th birthday party. It's going to be in our backyard and I have so many plans that need to get in motion. Invites are being sent out this week then I need to start getting everything I need for the games, face painting, finalize food, and so much more.

2. Mark off some items off our summer bucket list - This month seems like the official kick off to summer and what better way to celebrate that then actually doing some of our bucket list! I'm seeing lots of pool time, park time, picnics, ice cream, and so much more in our future.

3. Read a book - I have a couple of books on behavior in children that I would like to read especially since a soon almost 5 year old really knows how to push his boundaries. These books will not be as fun to read as Going off Script but they are necessary. I'm hoping to read at least one this month

4. Find a new bedroom dresser & nightstands - This may sound like an easy task to some but not for us. We have had a broken hand me down dresser in our bedroom for a while and before that we had part of original set from 9 years ago which was also broken.  We keep saying we need to get a new dresser in there and then new nightstands but it always seems to slip our minds. So this month, I want to actually set out to find something! I'm thinking I want cream colored because our walls are a pretty light blue and eventually the hubs is going to build us a planked headboard that I want stained dark.

Alright, I think most if not all of these are attainable! Again, I kept it very simple because I know myself. I hope everyone has a great Monday :)

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