Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Avery is 10 months!

Pretty girl, happy 10 months!!

Sleep - Still a great sleeper, although we are having some mid night wake ups, I'm blaming those teeth that you still haven't got...

You've started sleeping with your arms up and hands behind your head and it just so adorable!!

Eating - 10 months strong of breastfeeding! I'm starting to incorporate bottles into your day to get you ready for when I wean and you start whole milk, but it's not going so smooth.  You don't care for the bottles as much as you care for the boob, that's for sure! It's a slow work in progress

You just flat out refuse to pick anything up to eat unless it's a cheerio! I don't get it.  I will feed you real food on a fork or by my hand and you eat it and like it, but you will not pick it up yourself. The other day I had a pancake in the palm of my hand waiting for you to grab it and instead you bent your head down and ate it right off my hand like an animal, you silly girl!

Because of the above you still eat some purees

best friends for life

Weight - You were 16.4lbs a couple of weeks ago at the dr

Teething - I have to laugh, I've been saying you are FOR SURE teething for 2 months now, but nope, nothing yet

Development -  You are doing more talking and it's so adorable! I've been working with you on your tummy to get your arms stronger and get you up on your knees to attempt to start crawling.  You can't stay on your knees by yourself but you are pushing very high up with your arms and starting to scoot back a little.  Maybe crawling is in your near future? Your brother and sister each did not crawl until 11 months so I am not worried yet..

You are almost clapping! I say to clap and you bring your hands together but then stop there.  

Personality - Still happy as a clam! I love your big smile so much, you really brighten up the room baby girl! You love watching me brush your hair in the mirror, I'd say it's one of your favorite things. 

My sweet Avery Jane, life with you just keeps getting better! I love you so much and thank you for making my life even better with you in.  You and your siblings are my entire world and I'm so lucky I get to stay home and spend every day with you! 

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