Monday, June 15, 2015

weekend {re} cap

Good Morning! I for one am dragging this morning and hopefully a few cups of coffee can get me in the swing of things.

This past weekend was a fun one! Friday we headed for a playdate with my sister & nephew at a neighboring library.  My Mom came with and my sisters SIL and daughter came too and everyone had a blast!

They have a ginormous light bright board and Brayden and I made a Christmas tree... we're always thinking about Christmas :)

Miss A enjoyed some time out of the stroller :)

Friday night we had one of Brayden's friends over, his little sister and parents.  It was more of a hang out for us parents but the kids had fun too and Brayden and his buddy put a ton of fake tattoos all over themselves.  This was the first time Brayden would put a temporary tattoo on, he usually is not a fan at all.

Saturday was gorgeous and the hubs headed out golfing with his buddies so me and the kiddos hung in the backyard. Miss A pulled up a chair and enjoyed the heck out of the water table! {side note: she is just like her brother where she will not put her feet on the grass to stand, LOL}

Popsicle break!

My little boy who NEVER naps anymore took a 3 hour nap in our bed, I think he could have slept all night.

This is what I saw when I came up to go to bed Saturday night.  Ella is too funny.  It takes her forever to usually go to bed at night and she will open and close her door 100 times and then randomly throw stuff out.

Sunday was my SIL wedding shower day and Ella came with.  She's the flower girl along with my nieces and I cannot wait to see them all prettied up!

Cousin fun!

When we got home we all headed to the park and the hubs worked with Brayden more on tennis. He starts tennis lessons this week!

That's about it! We had a fun, semi relaxing weekend and now it's back to the swing of things. We have rain almost every day this week and I cannot wait for nicer weather to head to the pool!

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