Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday {6.5.15}

Happy Friday everyone! Let's just get right into the randomness!

This fudge is the bomb dot com! I have made it twice in 2 weeks for different gatherings. That's what I do, I find something that is easy to make and tastes great and I keep finding every excuse to make it then I get sick of it and never make it again

Salted Caramel Chocolate Frosting Fudge from

Now that warm{er} weather is finally here I so want to do this this summer! I think the kids would love it

s'mores bar

I'm getting SO excited for Brayden's carnival birthday - my aunt is AMAZING at making cakes and she is making one similar to these, my boy is going to freak when he sees it!

I have been eyeing these Mama Bear shirts for a while but can't decide which one I like best! Maybe I'll just start a collection :)

Does anyone have one of these? I would love to know how they fit!

They also have the cutest little kid shirts but we all know how cheap frugal I am so I have a hard time justifying buying them!

Have you seen those cute little fairy gardens all over? My Mom gifted me a bunch of stuff to put one together with the kids for my birthday and I can't wait! The only thing she couldn't find was the fairy cottage so now I'm on the hunt!

18. Use a Birdbath - 48 Fantastic Fairy Gardens for Your Yard ... → Gardening

Happy Weekend!

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