Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend {re} cap - fathers day edition

Well that weekend went quick! We didn't do too much but spent lots of family time together which is always the best!

Friday night, Brayden & I had a sleepover downstairs in our family room by the "big tv" as he says. We had planned it all week because he had been asking.  We went to Walgreens earlier in the week to pick out candy for our sleepover and definitely overindulged! We ate too much candy, I had some wine, and we passed out 15 minutes into his movie choice - Planes. The hubby joked the next day how lame we were, LOL

Saturday we didn't do much.  I had clean out the fridge on my to do list and finally tackled it.  I won't even share how long it's been since I've done that.... It took me over an hour but the entire fridge is sparkling clean now and it makes me so happy when I open it.

The weather was suppose to be gorgeous so we had always planned to go swimming in the afternoon, but that gorgeous weather never showed up! Nonetheless, we still took the kids because they wanted to go.  Thank goodness the pool was heated because it was not nice out!

Fathers Day morning we did presents and had a light breakfast because we knew we were going to eat so much food later on at my in laws. 

Best attempt at a family picture :)

The hubby loved everything the kids made him! And they were so excited to help him open

Later that morning we sent Brayden & Ella outside to play because they were starting to get way too wild inside and we had things we needed to get done.  I love when I look out and they are playing so nice!

The rest of the day/night was spent at my in laws.  The hubby made his famous ribs and there was so much other delicious food.  We could barely move after eating :)

The kids enjoyed the hot tub since their pool isn't ready yet...don't worry, the hot tub is really turned a lukewarm tub for the kiddos.

Water table fun!


This boy - he jumps in front of the phone every time I try to take a selfie with Ella Bella!

We weren't sure what happened because she was literally happy .5 seconds before this. We started walking in the garage and she started crying and turned back around down our driveway and just sat on the ground.  Girls...yikes!

The night ended with baths, stories and cuddles and the hubby and I enjoying ice cream watching some new shows...that we both fell asleep watching less than half way in. Ahhh such is the life of tired parents!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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