Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life Lately

Here's a glimpse at what we've been up to lately.  I have so much fun with these kiddos of mine!

A trip to the was actually his idea to stop and take a picture! #ivetrainedhimwell

We met some friends at the zoo and everyone piled into this koala 

Little Miss trying on my heels... I hope it's still a long time until she is really wearing her own!

I had to go to Brayden's new school to pick up his Kindergarten packet since we missed the meeting due to being in Disney, and of course we had to check out his new park!

We've been hanging outside any chance we get.  This girl loves playing with chalk and of course having a snack makes it that much better

Brayden & I played several games of tic tac toe...I was trying so hard for him to understand how to block me from winning but he wasn't catching on...don't worry, he won a few too :)

We've been going to a new park that is probably about a mile or so away from our house and the other week I had Brayden ride his bike the whole way there...doesn't sound far to some, but this boy is just not a fan of riding his bike so I am very proud of him for pushing through and riding there and back...despite the fact there was way too much whining while doing so

I actually hung out with some of besties and it was fabulous! I drove down to the city and we had a delicious brunch and good girl chat.

We had friends over for the Hawks game last weekend and this is what I saw when I walked into our playroom.  Boy was beat!

We attended church last weekend for our friends sons baptism and big brother wanted to hold his sister, so sweet for about a minute and then he said, OK can she get off now!

And this one...thinks she's at home everywhere she goes! Shoes off, just reading the bible :)

We took a trip to the library and listened to a story about swim safety

And hung out on the hungry caterpillar...

We walked to a nearby park and of course this boy stopped to pull me a weed flower - that's the best part about having a boy, he literally picks me a flower everytime he sees one..unless it's from someones garden :)

Little Miss is starting to follow suit and got me a flower too 

Selfie with my cuties!

We walked to a frozen yogurt place right by the library and enjoyed it outside...I am seriously so lucky that these are the things I get to do


We took the kids to our park the other night and tried to teach them tennis...of course Ella was not interested but little man really enjoyed it.  There were so many kids around though we definitely need to go back when it's more calm.  We are actually going to put him in a tennis camp this summer too

And that's what we've been up to lately!

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