Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fathers Day crafting

I thought I'd share our Father's Day crafts we made this year. The kids get SO excited to make things and even more excited when it's for someone.

We first started making a picture frame caddy with a trophy on top. I figured this would be nice to have on his desk at work

I got this inspiration from one of the many emails I received from Michaels.

To make this you will need:

That's it, so easy! Brayden & Ella painted the entire thing themselves, I did give a little direction here and there when I saw lots of unpainted sections, but they did it all themselves and they were so proud!

I knew I wanted to take pictures of the kids with the letters D, A & D so we headed outside one day to do that...of course this was no easy feat, I think I had to promise 20 suckers to Ella and she still didn't smile! After taking the pictures I kept thinking how am I going to get them small enough for the openings, 3" x 3". I was toying with getting 4 x 6's then cutting but was worried they wouldn't look right.  After searching the internet I found Foxgram and they could print my pictures in 3 x 3 for a small cost.  I decided to order from them and was so happy when they showed up 4 days after ordering!

Look how cute these little prints are!

Here's how the trophy picture case looks all completed.  We're going to fill the inside with his favorite candy. I hope the hubby loves it! I sure do!


The kids each wanted to make a card as well, Ella did this....

and Brayden did this

I think everything turned out awesome!! I love making fun stuff with my kiddos and love even more that they enjoy it too!

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