Tuesday, June 30, 2015

life lately

We are having such a fun summer so far! I know I for one and soaking in every minute with my little cuties.

Miss A is closer and closer to crawling, she seems pretty happy about it :)

When the girls were napping one day my boy invited me outside to eat popsicles with him, be still my heart!

We had a little scare with Ella Bella a couple of weeks ago.  We were at a splash pad with friends when she fell off the picnic table straight back onto the concrete ground.  She cracked her head pretty bad and I wanted to be safe so I took her to the ER.  Thankfully they said she seemed ok so we just stayed for a couple of hours for monitoring.  Ugh it was so scary though.

This boy, riding his bike more than he ever has...and some days loving it, others not so much. He's just not really into this bike riding thing like we thought he would be

Brayden's first tree he climbed! He asked if he could try it the other week at the park and I said sure. He use to say he wouldn't climb a tree until he was 10 :)

Nothing cuter than a baby in a baby swing!

We actually had a super hot day the other week and me and my boy had a full on water fight. We were both soaked head to toe and it was so much fun! This is the same boy who use to cry and cry and have to change his shirt if you got him just a little wet....

Making 4th of July crafts :)

We went on a scavenger hunt at the local nature center (which was on our summer bucket list) Brayden had a blast finding everything!

My little boy started his tennis lessons the other week and he has been loving them. Little sister just had to jump in for the picture too :)

Ella was having some girl issues which I thought was a UTI or something like that but it turned out there was no infection. So now I just don't know what was causing her pain :( But she did look like the cutest and most fashionable patient ever!

I took all 3 kids to the local pool by MYSELF the other week and suprisingly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  However, that was after it took me an hour to pack everything and I swear it looked like we were going on a week vaca...

We had lots of fun this day and I think it was easy to manage everyone because it wasn't busy at all.

I think Ella went down this slide no less than 100 times...

We took the kids to get frozen yogurt one night after dinner.  Frozen yogurt is always a fun treat!

We went to a local kids amusement park with friends the other week and the weather was perfect! The kids had so much fun!


Brayden helped the hubs the other night gather a bunch of wood we needed to burn, he LOVED being his Daddy's helper!

We've been making good use out of our crazy forts! We may not be the best rocket ship makers but we still had lots of fun putting it together :)

Brayden went to 2 birthday parties last weekend, this is him with his buddy Matthew, silly boys!

And here he is with his buddy Nathan - so cute!

Ella was invited to Nathan's party too and she had so much fun jumping all over the gymnastics equipment

I got to go out for my youngest sister in laws bachelorette party over the weekend.  We had so much fun!

This little guy started his first day of summer camp yesterday! It's a camp geared on learning about rocks (his pick) and is only for a week.

I thought for sure at drop off he would have cried, but nope, he didn't shed one tear! Me on the other hand, shed quite a few as I walked away from him.

He makes me so proud!!

While big brother is at camp and little sister is sleeping, me and this girl were playing in the sandbox, one of her favorite things to do!!

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