Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mama turns 31

Last Thursday was my birthday and while there was a time a long time ago where I thought being in your thirties meant you were so old, I know have a whole different perspective.  Age is really just a number to me and even though saying 31 sounds "old" to me, I know it's not.

The day started with taking my little loves to a local splash pad. I met up with a friend and her 3 kids and everyone had a blast!

We had a picnic first (something we do often now that it's summer!)

Baby girl just chillin

The boys showing off their muscles :)

Ella just cannot look any cuter in a swimsuit!

Later on my Mom and in laws came over and the hubby grilled steaks, but first I had to open my presents from the kids

31 isn't so bad :)

The moment they had been waiting for....CAKE!

My boy giving me some love on my birthday


The day was perfect spending time with everyone I love. Here's to another year!!

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