Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brayden's 4yr Preschool Graduation

Can someone please tell me where the past 5 years went? Please?? My first born, my baby, graduated his 2nd year of preschool last week and the feeling is bittersweet.  I can tell he is changing, growing into a young boy and part of me is SO happy about that and the other part is SO sad he is no longer my little toddler boy who wants to hug and kiss me 100 times a day.

I plan on soaking every moment I have with him this summer before he's off to the big leagues... 

But back to his graduation.  For those who don't know, my Brayden has always been super sensitive, shy, and quiet when it comes to big doings, like all of the preschool ceremonies we've had to date. You can see the changes over time in his confidence starting with his very first Christmas concert back in 2013 here, here  and here.  The changes from the beginning to now are huge and I honestly could not be more proud of my boy!

Leading up to the graduation ceremony, Brayden kept telling me he was going to sing the songs with his class. I just said OK I can't wait! everytime he mentioned it knowing that there was a really good chance he would just lip sync like he did at the Christmas concert, but wouldn't you know, my boy totally surprised us!

There are actual words coming out of that mouth!!!

In between singing he would stop and blow me kisses, be still my heart!

I was definitely teary eyed the entire time but seeing him get his "cap" and diploma made me even more sappy - I can't say it enough, I am SO proud of my boy!

Hugs for sister!

Mrs. Konkos

Mrs. Andeen

Typical boy picture :)


It was so cute, in the parking lot one of Brayden's friends ran up and said "group hug!!"

My BIG boy!

Cheers to another great year! Brayden learned so much this year and I'm excited for things to come

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