Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Avery is 9 months!

Late again on the monthly update, I'll blame Disneyworld this month :)

When I look at this picture of you, I can truly see just how big you are getting and while it's amazing to watch you grow, it definitely gets me teary eyed seeing just how fast it's going.

Sleep - This is still the same. You go down for your naps by yourself but at night I rock you just because I selfishly want to.  I can tell you are starting to get sick of that too and you just squirm in my arms most of the time but I still sit with you as long as you'll let me

Eating -Woohoo, 9 straight months of breastfeeding! We both should be proud of this :) I'm so thankful we have a great nursing relationship and I really do cherish it. 

You are really good with a sippy cup but you prefer the straw ones over the non straw ones. 

You got your pincher grasp down this past month and your favorite thing to pick up and eat are cheerios. I try and try to give you other stuff to eat but you are just not interested, so for now, you have cheerios as a snack.

You are still eating purees since as I mentioned above, you are not interested in finger foods yet

Weight - If I had to guess, I'd say 15.5lbs, we'll find out this Friday at your 9 month well visit

Teething - Weeeell, I was totally convinced that a couple of teeth would have popped through by now but nope, I was wrong.  I do still see your two bottom teeth straight through your gums so I'm thinking maybe this month?! Ha ha, we'll see.

Development - You mastered the pincher grasp and you are still rolling tummy to back , and have even gone back to tummy a couple of times. You have also started saying MAMA & DADA this month which is soooo exciting! I love when you say Mama, Mama, Mama, over and over again :)

Personality - You are seriously SO happy! You are always all smiles and I must say you love your Mama & Dada pretty much because you just light up when you see us. You are a very chill baby, as long as you are fed and have clean diaper, you are perfectly content :)  Lately though, we have been noticing your stranger & separation anxiety kicking in, but we know this is just a phase

Another month has gone by that you'e been part of our lives and I am so grateful to be your Mommy. I love you more than words can express, Avery Jane and will love to continue to watch you grow.

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