Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! 

While some of you might have real plans, this about sums up my Friday night

Although I will be getting out of the house for a little tonight, I'm helping assemble wedding invitations for my SIL, but after that, it's all about the sweatpants and DVR

Time to jump into my Friday Favorites

My favorite little boy, Brayden

He is graduating 4yr old preschool this morning and I couldn't be more proud! He has come such a LONG way this year and when I think back to the beginning of the year to now, I just can't help but be SO proud of him! He is so much more comfortable in social settings than every before, and his confidence has improved greatly.  I can't wait to see him to thrive even more in the future.

Disneyworld Recaps

In case you missed it, I recapped one my all time favorite vacations to Disney! You can read about it here, here and here

Little girl bathing suits

Shopping for my little girls has to be hands down one of my favorite things to do. Yes boy clothes can be fun too, but they just don't compare the little girls. I love little girl bathing suits. Last year Ella had 3 bathing suits which was 2 more than I had and completely unnecessary. But it's addicting I tell ya!

The kids already got new suits right before we went to Disney but I have my eye on some more...shhh don't tell the hubs

I'm liking these for Ella 

                                                  source                                                    source

And these for Miss A

Carnival 5th Birthday

Now that my focus is away from Disney (insert sad face here) I can dive full speed into planning my little man's 5th birthday party! It's going to be carnival theme and oh so fun! You can check out my Carnival Party board on Pinterest here

But first I need help with deciding on the invites! I still love the personal touch of a paper invite sent by mail and I don't think that will ever change.  Which one of these do you like better??

Carnival Birthday Invitation


Carnival Invitation Circus Fair Elephant Monkey Games Big Top Modern Vintage Digital Printable DIY

I'm leaning towards the first one but still can't decide!

I'm ending this party early since I have to go and actually put real clothes and do my hair/makeup for preschool graduation.  Happy weekend friends!!

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