Monday, May 11, 2015

May Goals

Happy Monday friends!! We are back from a whirlwind vacation to the most magical place on Earth and I'm already wanting to plan my next trip back.  We had the BEST time in Disneyworld and I can't wait to recap it (hopefully it doesn't take me forever to do that)

In the meantime, I think it's about time I jump on this whole monthly goals bandwagon :) It seems like a good way to keep myself accountable, right? maybe? We'll see.

So for May, here's what I got:

1. Start & Finish reading Going off Script - I just bought this book and have high hopes in finishing it this month. One would think a month is PLENTY of time to finish a book, but for me, it might not even be enough. See, the only time I have to read is around bedtime and once my body hits the sheets, it's usually off to la la land within minutes.  So reading usually goes like this, read a couple of pages, fall asleep mid sentence somewhere, start the next night reading the same pages as the night before because I can't remember if I read them. But May, this will be the month I finish a book :)

2. Build another veggie garden + plant vegetables - This is a 2 part goal and one which involves the help of my hubby.  He built me a raised garden bed last Mother's Day and yesterday he built my second one. I'm kind of turning this into a tradition until I run out of room for beds :) Me and the kids will then be planting our fruits/vegetables for the summer. I look forward to doing this with them again this year.

3. Plant flowers - this kind of goes with above but I'm separating it because I don't think it will get done on the same day. 

4. Create a summer bucket list of fun things to do with the kids -This is my first official summer as a Stay at Home Mom and I plan on making the absolute most of it! Especially because after this summer my baby boy is off to Kindergarten. Yes, Kindergarten! I think I need to go cry now.

For my first shot at this, I'm going to keep it simple and short. 4 things to try and accomplish all while taking care of 3 littles, yeah, I got this, I hope

Do you do monthly goals?

What are some of yours? 

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