Thursday, May 14, 2015

life lately

It's been really hard to get back in the swing of things after Disneyworld so I figured I would do a life lately post

Life seems crazy lately, but the good kind of crazy.

We've been spending LOTS of time outside, which is so refreshing.

This boy. He loves to hang out in his pj's on the weekends, all day. Yep, he's definitely my kid :)

Little Miss is learning how to blow bubbles this year instead of eating them, and she is loving it!

We did a cool "science experiment" that held the kids interest for a really long time. I filled large baking dishes up with baking soda, then the kids dropped vinegar tinted with food coloring into it. Awesome fizziness that they LOVED

Me and this adorable little girl have been getting lots of one on one time when big brother is at school and little sister is napping

These two getting along makes my heart so happy. Sometimes it feels like these moments are very few and far between!

I think I'll show this one at each of their weddings :)

More fun time with this sweet girl. She loves going to the library. She basically walks around like she owns the place.

We took the kids to this awesome new play place and they had so much freaking fun. They stuck by eachother the entire time and it was so fun to watch them play

This one, I'm thinking she misses being the baby

but she's really enjoying being a big sister! She loves Miss A so so much!

We've been having fun with walkie talkies, now if only Ella could figure out how they actually work

The kids have been giving my goose some extra love and attention lately :)

That's about it over here, just our everyday boring lives that I love and want to remember :)

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