Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Disneyworld Recap - Days 3 & 4

Day 3 of Disneyworld was one I was probably looking forward to the most! This was Magic Kingdom day! We had planned to wear our matching shirts this day and we also had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickeys.

We got all matched up and ready to head out of our hotel by 6:45am - our breakfast reservation was at 7:40 and they say to leave about an hour before because of bus schedules and what not.  We hopped on the first bus to the Magic Kingdom then walked about a mile to the Contemporary where Chef Mickeys is located.

This character meal was by far the best (although I only had 1 other to compare to) - the food was awesome, every kind of breakfast item imaginable and all of the Mickey characters were dressed in chef outfits. It was just so fun! We quickly got our table then started to eat and then slowly each character stopped by....




I expected Ella to freak when she saw everyone, well really mostly Mickey & Minnie, but when Mickey walked up she was so focused on eating her cornflakes she could have cared less, but when Minnie walked up, girlfriend was grinning ear to ear! Brayden was pretty excited to meet all the pals too and well, Avery, she felt the same way about them as she did Aurora.



After breakfast we walked over to Magic Kingdom, and that's when it hit me, the *magic* of Disneyworld.  Walking in and seeing the castle head on was seriously amazing!! I had goosebumps I was so excited, and watching it through our kids' eyes made me melt even more.

Our first stop in MK was Adventureland.  We rode the Magic Carpets as a family at first, then it was time for me to feed Avery so the hubs took the others back on.  I'm sitting down nursing Avery, chatting with another Mom about how awesome Disney is, when all of the sudden I look up at the magic carpets in the air and see that Jasmine is riding in the same carpet as my family! I basically ripped Avery off the boob and jumped up to get a closer look and snap some pics but the ride was just about over.  I was bummed I didn't get a picture because I really didn't think the hubs knew to take any...but he proved me wrong! Jasmines bodyguard person took the hubs phone and took so many pictures. Brayden thought it was cool that she rode with him but acted like it wasn't a big deal meanwhile me and the hubs are all like "that doesn't just happen all the time kid, you are lucky!"


Next I took the older kids on Pirates of the Carribean and Brayden was pretty freaked out, he covered his eyes through most of it but I kept telling him to open them because it was so cool! He finally did and LOVED it.  I can't believe how well Disney does their rides, everything is impeccable and the detail they go into is purely amazing.

More magic shots taken along the way through the park :)

We left Ella sleeping in the stroller for this pic, sometimes that was just easier

Next we headed to Frontierland where the hubs and Brayden rode Big Thunder Mountain railroad which was a super fun roller coaster.  We got a rider switch so I was able to go on immediately with Brayden when they were done.  It took Brayden 2 times to really love that ride. Next we did Splash Mountain which turned out to be Brayden's favorite! Who would have guessed that? Not me.

We took a break soon after that and went back to our hotel where Avery and the hubs napped and me and the other kiddos relaxed, ate cheetos and watched too much Disney channel.

We headed back to the park later on and went to Tomorrowland.  We went on Tomorrowland Speedway and Ella loved it! She got to steer while I pushed the petal and we pretty much went left to right the entire time and I thought for a second I had whiplash :)


We rode a few other rides then headed over to Fantasyland which is by far the best land at MK for small kids.  We rode so many fun rides and it was awesome to experience MK at night time.  We stayed for the fireworks which didn't go off until 10 so it was pretty late by the time we got back to the room.  We all went to bed instantly so we could get up and do it all over again the next day :)

It was pretty cool to see the floating lights in person :)

This girl passed out, cookie in hand. 

I just love how the castle looks at night! So magical!!

I think we wore them out :)

I chose to do 2 days at MK because I knew that was the park geared towards our kids' age groups and there is just no way you can do everything in one day, well maybe, but that would be pushing it for us! I was glad to head back to the castle though and so was everyone else.

But.... before we could head back, first we had to deal with Brayden getting sick in the middle of the night. Wednesday morning, around 3am I was woken to the sound of a barking cough and wouldn't you know, poor Brayden developed croup! He was scared and couldn't stop coughing/barking so I took him immediately into the bathroom and let the hot shower run, we would switch off between the shower steam then breathing in the freezer, we did this for almost an hour to help get his cough under control.  Finally, around 430am he was able to fall back asleep and his coughing fits seemed to subside.

I had wanted to get to MK first thing the next morning to see the welcome show since we didn't see it the day before but my little guy needed his rest, so we let him sleep instead.  Once everyone was up and Brayden seemed much better, thank goodness because aint nobody got time to be sick in Disney!

This day we started in Fantasyland and rode all of the rides we didn't get to the night before. But first, we had to stop and take some pics :)

My favorite magic shot!

The kids got to meet Ariel again, but this time, she was mermaid Ariel.  She was awesome with her interaction and the kids loved her.  Brayden kept saying how pretty she was and that he loved her.


The kids also met Tink and loved her! She was sooo good at interacting with them.  Ella was all smiles and Brayden did his normal hair pulling so Tink called him out and asked if he was nervous, his reply? No. he he :)

I was so excited to see the Festival of the Fantasy parade this day and it did not disappoint! It was AMAZING.

Nice face Brayden :)

My boys! Love them!

We had a meet and greet scheduled with Anna & Elsa this day (which is the #1 FP+ to get at MK and I considered myself lucky to get) We were at Disney on a very low crowd level day and it was still over an hour standby to meet these gals. I couldn't even imagine this in the summer.

We also got to meet Cinderella & Repunzel

Be still my heart! This little girl just loved meeting the princesses. 

We did Enchanted Tales with Belle which is a really fun interactive story featuring Belle.  The kids were asked to participate and Ella at first said yes but then got scared, Brayden was a heck no from the beginning.  The hubs got asked to play the part of a knight

Brayden's smile in all of the pictures with the characters just cracks me up!

That pretty much sums up our second day at Magic Kingdom.  I was sad to leave this day because this park was so so much fun.  But off to bed we went because the next day, we were heading to Hollywood Studios.  More to come on that :)

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  1. I love that your kids got into the characters at Chef Mickey’s. Mila was so not into them (if they were close, that is). Hopefully next trip will be more successful! I LOVE the shot of your whole family in front of Cinderella’s castle. That’s exactly the shot I wanted and didn’t get! And SO cool that Jasmine rode next to Brayden on the Magic Carpet ride!