Tuesday, May 26, 2015

weekend recap - lots of family time edition

Happy Tuesday! That definitely sounds so much better than Happy Monday :)

We had such a great weekend filled with so much family time!

Friday started out with my sister and nephew coming over after Brayden's preschool graduation (tear) and we all headed to a new park I wanted to check out.  We packed a picnic and the weather was perfection.

The kids had an absolute blast and it was so fun to hang with my Mom and sis.

Later in the day, the hubs came home from work early to head out for a weekend of shenanigans for my future brother in law's bachelor party.  The kids and I sent him off and it was just the 4 of us for part of the weekend.

At night we went to my in laws to help assemble wedding invitations for my sister in laws wedding. While we worked on that, the kiddos all drove Grandpa crazy :)

Saturday morning, my MIL and sister in laws (and the kiddos) all headed up to Northwind Perennial Farm in WI.  It was fun to get out of the house and it was nice that we all hung out while our husbands were all together (although doing completely different things than looking at plants like us)

When we got home, my Mom came over and again, the weather was gorgeous so we spent the afternoon outside playing.  

I just love these 3 to pieces!!!

Sunday the hubs came home! Thank goodness because we sure did miss him! We headed to my aunts house for a BBQ and we got to enjoy half of it outside then the rain finally came and we moved the party inside. 

My sweet, sweet girl

The hubby was so tired coming off his weekend binge so we headed home so he could lay down and we all just relaxed.

Monday we had planned to just hang at home and try and get some things done.  The weather didn't know what it wanted to do, it would rain one minute, be nice the next, and this happened pretty much all day.  I took this handsome boy to the movies but first we had to stop and get some candy :)

We picked up some food to grill for dinner and Brayden asked to get smoke bombs - sure, why not? After dinner we went outside and did them. They laughed so hard every time the smoke would come out.


The night ended with the Bachelorette and me falling asleep on the couch halfway through :) 

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