Tuesday, April 28, 2015

little traces

There are always little traces around my house that will show you kids live here....

Like how Brayden puts a rubber band around the bathroom vanity handles to "keep the bad guys out"

Or when I ask Ella to put her shoes by the front door, she literally puts them right at the door

Or how Brayden circles each day on the calendar in the morning, and then at night he draws a line through it.

Or when we get home from anywhere, Ella takes off her shoes and coat and leaves them smack dap right in the middle of the kitchen floor

While some of these drive me crazy at times, I've learned to love these little traces my kids leave around here. Besides I know very well there will be a day when they are gone and these traces will only be memories and I will wish my cabinet doors were closed together with a rubber band to keep the bad guys away:)

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