Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring break 2015

It feels funny saying we were on Spring Break last week because 1. I'm a SAHM so every week is kind of like Spring Break and 2. how do I have a child old enough to even have a Spring Break!?

Day 1 I woke up to this.  I know I say I love the snow, and I really really do, but once March hits, I am over it.

My kids on the other hand, were ecstatic!!

After we spent a good amount of time outside playing, it was inside for some marshmallows with a side of hot chocolate :)

Later in the day I noticed this little beauty wasn't feeling so hot.  She was extra irritable and clingy (I love the clingy part!)  She also had a low grade fever.

The next day Avery seemed much better so we went to the bowling alley with the kids.  Bowling is such good family fun and we all had a great time

They loved the air coming out - Ella's rocking Farrah Faucet hair :)

This girl was so cute! She would push her ball down with Daddy's help then start immediately jumping up and down until it hit the pins

Brayden was too focused on watching his ball he just threw to smile...

and good thing he was looking, because he got a strike!! Blurry, bad picture, but still captures his pure excitement!

The next day was my Mom's birthday and we took the kids to the library for a little before dinner

We said we could go anywhere for dinner and Brayden insisted on BK - we even tried to change his mind to Portillos (which, when do you have to try to persuade someone to go there!?) but he almost started crying because he wanted Burger King so that's where we went.

Avery loved a little taste of ice cream :)

Here, she is saying "I'm Princess Ella!" 

The next day, even though Avery was better she developed a rash all over. I took her in to the dr to be safe because we had a play date later - all was good he said she had Roseola, a rash that comes after being sick and once the rash appears, she's no longer contagious, so that was good news!

Later in the day we headed to our play date -we went to a local little baker and did cupcake decorating. It was so fun!

Love Ella's face in this picture!

Brayden requested this pink lemonade cupcake but I actually ordered him vanilla knowing that he would not like the pink lemonade, but when I went to hand him the vanilla, a fit was starting so I bought him the pink lemonade and I ate the vanilla -

Turns out he loved decorating the pink lemonade cupcake, just not eating it :)

This little sweetheart had such a fun time.  She is so cute I could squeeze her :)

"Mom, can I eat it now!!??"

After the bakery, the kids needed to blow off some steam, so we headed to the indoor play area at the mall...with just about every other person.  It was chaos but the kids had fun and Ella got to try on a new bracelet when we were leaving the mall :)

At night the kids built the tallest rocket ship with our Magnatiles - pants were optional :)

That's pretty much our week in a nutshell! Not too busy but not too boring, but most of all the kids had plenty to do to keep them entertained, which can be a struggle at times.

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