Tuesday, March 31, 2015

weekend {re} cap - Kohler SPA edition

Happy Tuesday friends! I got back yesterday from an amazing little girlfriends getaway at Kohler Spa.  Everything about the town Kohler is amazing and everything is beautiful!

I missed my kiddos so much though and was soooo happy to see their smiley, happy faces as soon as I got home.  Ella was jumping up and down and squealing with delight when she saw me, I almost cried!

Anywho - to recap my wonderful weekend, we'll start with Saturday.  The girls all met at my house and I drove us.  We stopped at a huge outlet mall along the way to do some shopping (something I haven't been able to do without 3 littles in a looooong time) It was so nice to just walk around and not worry about what snack to get out next or who needs a potty break.

First though, I had to do a little pumping in the parking lot #gottadowhatyougottado

We got to our hotel around 5:30ish and hung out in the room for a while, had some drinks and got ready to go to the bar/pub that was downstairs of the hotel.  No pictures from this night except this late night one back in our room.  Drinking wine in our pjs :) I actually managed to stay up until 12:30am! (this is so not like me)

The next morning, 3 of us went down to the hotel's greenhouse which has the cutest little coffee shop/food.

Then it was time to head to the spa! The spa is right across the parking lot basically of our hotel, everything is right on the grounds where we were which made it so nice and convenient. 

My first service was a bamboo contouring drizzle and it was ahhhmazing!! It was a body service mixed with water and lots of heat.  I was in heaven!

We took a break and had lunch together then spent some time hopping back and forth from pool to hot tub to sauna.

I had my next service at 2 and it was a body exfoliating treatment with a mini facial and the facial was probably my favorite part! I've never had one and wow, now I know what I'm missing.

We spent more time in the pool and just lounging around the spa after our services were done

We all got ready and headed to dinner at a really nice restaurant that was also in our hotel.

We all took it easy this night since we overindulged the night before in adult beverages :) We knew we had to get up early and head home so bedtime came pretty early.

The last picture before we left - we had such a great time and I hope this becomes a yearly tradition!!

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