Monday, March 2, 2015

weekend recap

We had another low key weekend - it seems to be norm around here lately since the weather is so bitter cold. But hey, I'm A OK with it!

Friday my Mom came over to spend time with the kids so I could get some real cleaning done around our house (it's been too long to admit) While the girls napped Brayden and my Mom played Super Mario on Wii.  Brayden has become extremely good at this game (not sure if this is good or bad) and it was funny to watch him teach my Mom how to play.  She was getting a kick out of it too

Litte Miss helped Miss A eat some food - she is becoming such a good helper lately!

And then later Brayden and the hubs were playing Super Mario (think I answered my own question above lol)

I tried to snap some pics of Brayden but he was just in total boy mode of playing with his toy shooter gun and not looking at the camera #typical

Friday night consisted of shooting Disney characters off this plastic container 

Then it was my turn, but I needed all princesses to shoot (says Brayden)

Saturday was very relaxing - the hubs had some errands to do in the morning so me and the kids hung out and later in the day I went and got bloody's with my cousin and managed to not take any pics :( 

At night it was ice cream and movie time and Max was trying so hard to get in on the ice cream

Sunday morning Brayden and Ella wanted to make pancakes so that's what we did - chocolate chip ones of course (is there any other better way?) I love that my little Ella is big enough to help now! Although I know Brayden is having a tough time adjusting to sharing now - but this time they worked really well together!

They were giving Miss A tons of love too - I love seeing them all being cute to eachother!

Later in the day we headed to my sisters to hang out for a little and pick up a popcorn cart she picked up for me - We're using it for Brayden's 5th birthday which isn't until July, but hey, I like to be prepared! 

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