Monday, March 23, 2015

weekend re{cap}

Our weekend was pretty relaxing, probably a little too relaxing on my part since I didn't get half of things I wanted to, accomplished. Oh well, there's always tomorrow, right? (I tell myself this waaaaay too often)

Anyhoo - Friday started out super fun.  The girls and I picked up Brayden from school and headed to a preschool play date.  All the Moms grabbed McDonalds drive thru and we met at a local park district and ate inside then the kids played (more like ran around like wild animals)

Avery on her first playdate :)

These two are just so cute!

This is the same place we had Ella's 1st birthday party at.  It is awesome, one side has a carousel that you can go on as many times as you like, the other has a jungle gym play area.  The boys all stayed on the jungle gym side while the girls rode the carousel a few times.

Carousel selfie :)
I have never seen Brayden so worn out from a playdate before! His cheeks were so red and hair was soaking wet - that is a huge win in the playdate books :)  When it was time to go he was soooo bummed and even more bummed that he didn't get ride the carousel (we stayed until they closed and no more rides were available) Poor dude, I didn't even think to ask him because he was having so much fun with his friends.  I told him next time, to which he replied "No, I'm never coming back here again!!" Ahhh gotta love the 4yr old attitude!

Saturday was very low key.  After the girls went down for their naps, Brayden & I headed to Michaels to grab some playroom storage then stopped at the new Trader Joes that just opened in our town! It was a madhouse but Brayden wanted to get his friend Noelle some flowers for her birthday party later so we proceeded.

They have mini carts there so Brayden led the way (probably not the best idea on day #2 of the store opening, LOL)

I can't wait to go check it out during a weekday morning!

Later that day we headed to his preschool friend's birthday party - here he is with the birthday girl

And with some of his buddies

This was the first time Brayden has been swimming without myself or the hubby right there with him.  I was so proud of him for just going in and having such a good time!! But it also made me a little sad...where did my baby go!?

Sunday the hubs was out at his bowling league and the kids were restless! I didn't have anything planned except clean the house but they were not having it! I decided to go to the mall to return something and thought it would be fun just to get them out.

We stopped for a soft pretzel and made the return, then got the heck out of there.  Sunday at the mall is INSANE.  Never again.

Then of course we had to watch some change spin, it's one of Brayden's favorite things to do at the mall

Later that night Avery was practicing her leg stretches - she is son darn cute!!

This morning starts day 1 of Spring Break for Brayden and I woke up to this! Looks like we'll be playing outside in the snow today!

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