Thursday, March 5, 2015

egg carton animals

Finding things to keep the kids occupied during the bitter cold winter in Chicago can be hard at times. While flipping through my Parents magazine, I saw this adorable little craft. It was so easy to put together given I already had everything on hand we needed (love when that happens!)

They didn't turn out perfect but hey, we aren't perfect, and that's OK

Here is what you need:

*cardboard egg carton
*craft paper
*googly eyes
*pipe cleaners

First we cut the egg cartons out to little circles (again, not perfect). Then I asked the kids what farm animal they wanted to make and they both said pigs, so 2 pigs and 1 chicken were what we set out to make.

Next, we painted our egg cartons. White for my chicken, pink for their pigs.  Once dried, we glued them together.

Then it was time to add googley eyes. While those dried, I had Brayden then cut out the pigs' noses and ears and I cut my chickens beak, then we glued them on.

For the pigs ears, I cut little slits into the cartons and just stuck them inside.  

For the chicken, I cut a slit in the top of the carton and stuck the pipe cleaner in.  I took 1 pipe cleaner and cut it into 3 pcs and folded each over and then stuck them in.  

For the pigs' tails, I cut a little slit in the back and used cut pipe cleaners that we folded back and forth to make a cork screw tail and stuck them in.

The kids were so happy with the results! That's why I love making crafts with my littles, they do not see any imperfection in what we make, ever.  And that makes it perfect.

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