Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nice{er} weather is here

Now that we've finally reached above freezing around here, my seasonal depression has subsided and we have been spending LOTS of time outside.  The kids love it and so do I.

I love that I can just let the kids go out back and hang out together while I'm either taking care of the baby or doing something quick around the house.  This is a big step since last year Ella could not be outside without anyone.

Have you ever heard of stomp rockets? They are awesome! Brayden can get his to go so high and he is always amazed.  Ella's gets up about 6" and it's the cutest thing :)

These two.. best friends as of late.  Ella is literally Brayden's shadow and wants to be near him always and do everything he does.

Park fun! 

Avery's first time on a swing!

We rarely see kids at our park (I'm hoping that changes now that I stay home!) but this day another little boy was there.  He was definitely older than Brayden but I kept telling Brayden he should ask him to play (I feel bad doing that because I HATED when my Mom did that to me but I feel like he needs a little nudge)

So the little boy got near us and Brayden asked "Do you want to see my dog?" Nice line kid.  It worked and the little boy came over.  Brayden immediately said Hi, I'm Brayden, what's your name? I still can't believe my little boy said that! So proud!! 

Such a good big brother!

This past weekend I took the kids to a park district Shamrock Scramble - it was so cute and fun! We did some crafting, a scavenger hunt and had some special treats.  The kids really enjoyed themselves!

Yesterday was going to be pretty much the nicest day this week so I decided last minute to take the kids to the zoo (by myself!!) when Brayden got home from school.  I didn't tell him until he got home and he was so excited

When we were sitting eating lunch, so many peacocks came walking by us and Brayden was so amazed by them.  He asked for my phone and took about 100 pictures of them.  Here is one :)

We are loving this nicer weather and hoping it's coming back soon!

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