Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Avery is 7 months!

My sweet girl, how in the world are you 7 months old already!?

Of course I write on your monthly chalkboard that you always smile but for the picture you wouldn't even crack a half smirk! You little stinker :) But for real, you are always so smiley!! We look your way and you give us your big toothless grin and I love it.

Most important milestone you hit this month was sitting up by yourself!! You're such a big girl! You literally started doing this within days of your 6 month update.  So you were 6 months and less than 1 week when you started sitting up.  Which was perfect timing because we had your 6 month pictures scheduled for the week after.  

The pictures..oh my word, Avery, you are so delicious and beautiful.  I just want to eat you! (you will understand this when you have your own kids, I promise)

Here are just a few.  I literally can't stop looking at them. The photographer did such a great job capturing your beauty!

This month you seem to have found your voice even more than last - it sounds like you are really trying to say something, but of course I have no clue but that doesn't stop me from having conversations back with you :)

I have been good about getting you on more of an eating routine - you usually always have breakfast and dinner. I'm sure I'll add lunch in there soon enough.  You hate peas with a passion, even when I hide them in carrots which you love.  Apple and pears are still your top faves. Your sister even started helping feed you this month!

Your brother and sister seriously adore you! Every morning they both greet you with a cheerful "Good Morning Avery!!" and each night with a "Goodnight Avery!!" And of course they smother you with kisses. You are one lucky lady to have them and they are lucky to have you too.

I definitely think you are finally teething!! Nursing has become painful even though there are no teeth poking through yet, but you clamp down and it hurts!! You've always woke up screaming bloody murder a few times this month and it's hard to calm you down, which leads me to believe teeth are to blame.

You are still exclusively breastfed and probably get a bottle only 2-3 times a week. I'm really hoping to make it to one year!

You are on a great schedule - morning nap is usually 9:30-11 and afternoon is 1:30-3.  You seem to have dropped that third nap that was always so close to bedtime.  Bedtime is 7:30 and you sleep usually until 6:30/7. I thank you for that!!


You LOVE the jumparoo - you are trying to jump as soon as you see I'm putting you in it.

Baby girl, you are such a lover.  You snuggle with me and let me kiss you 1000 times a day.  I am eating all of this up not because I know too well how fast it goes.  You're just perfect Avery Jane, and we love you so so much.

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