Thursday, March 19, 2015

here comes Peter Cottontail

Aren't the holidays just that much sweeter when littles are involved? I love putting together the kids baskets every year and this year I have an extra basket to fill.  That makes me soooo happy!

Speaking of, I need to get on making Avery her basket to match the others.  You can see my post on how to make these Easter baskets here - Yep, even our dog gets one

Usually I don't go overboard for the baskets.  They usually consist of coloring books, new crayons, bubbles, of course some candy, and money inside of eggs.  But this year I saw someone post on FB these awesome Crazy Forts

Have you seen these?

My older kids are going to LOVE these, especially Brayden.  He has been really big into building forts lately and it's not the easiest task when you have to bring all of your kitchen chairs downstairs and still have your fort fail.  I show the hubs these and he immediately said get those, and get 2!

It's definitely more than we usually spend for Easter but I can always justify a purchase for my kids :)

Does anyone else have these crazy forts? I hope they are as cool as we think they are!

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