Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! It's time for the link up party, woo hoo :))

{ONE} - Kohler Spa

This weekend I am headed to the amazing, beautiful Kohler Spa in WI for a girls getaway!! I've been here once before when Brayden was almost 1 with some other girlfriends and it is so so nice.  This Mom's getaway is just what this Mama needs.  Lately life with my littles has been super challenging and I need some time to re-charge.  But that being said, I already feel guilty about leaving and am going to miss them so so much.  That's the funny thing about parenting, your kids can drive you crazy yet you still don't want to be away from them! (or maybe that's just me)

{TWO} - Kid Craft

When I return, I plan on making this fun craft with the kiddos, I would love if Avery would let me paint her hands too but I highly doubt that's going to happen {but I will definitely stress myself out trying :) }

Perfect for the kids to make for grandmas for valentine's or even grandparents or mother's day.

{THREE} - Dress Up Closet

Since my hubby is so handy, I think this needs to be added to his Honey Do list :) Having 2 girls now, we will definitely need something like this very soon!! How cute is this!?

Dress up "closet" - use an old/cheap dresser & pull out all but the last drawer & top with a shelf..... Add some crown molding & paint!

{FOUR} - Glitter Eggs

I'm a sucker for anything glitter! I think I need to somehow make these eggs this year - I'll let the kids do the messy dying, and I'll do the messy glitter :)

Easter - No Dye Easter Egg Tutorials at ...Adorable ideas!  Pin it now and make them later!

{FIVE} - 21 Day Fix

Have you heard of it? I've been hearing about it for months and finally bought the DVD's only and decided to give it a try.  I didn't want the food/diet portion because I'm nursing and I need to keep my supply up, plus I like to eat what I want (in moderation of course) Anyway - this woman (whose body is AMAZING) is not messing around with these workouts! They are so intense (at least for me) I've completed the 21 days and now I alternate between doing a workout from the set and jogging on our treadmill.  I don't think I lost many pounds, but I have definitely gotten more toned and feel much better about myself overall! These are definitely my new favorite work outs!

Well, there you go, 5 randoms for you this Friday :) Now you'll have to excuse me while I go pack my weekend bag and get the heck out of dodge! I'm hoping to come back rejuvenated and relaxed (which will last for about 5 minutes after I walk in the door)

Happy weekend!

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