Wednesday, March 4, 2015


If your new around here, you should know I live in the suburbs of Chicago, aka Chiberia once Nov-March rolls around.  The last 2 winters have been brutally cold but have also brought us so much snow.

Another fun tidbit about me is that I LOVE the snow.  I could play all day outside in the snow, as long as the temps are 20+. I am so happy to report that I have passed this trait down to both my son and daughter (and hopefully my other daughter one day)

Whenever it snows, Brayden and Ella get SO excited and ask immediately to go out and play, even if it's before 7am.  I love their excitement and am always game to get out there (except Mama usually needs her coffee first)

I swear - they love the snow :)

We really didn't have much snow in the beginning of winter - January brought us a couple of inches but still enough to go out and have some fun.

Then in February, we were hit with Snowmageddon 2015 - I think over the course of 2 days we got 19" of snow - most people who live here were beyond annoyed and of course social media was blowing up with complaint after complaint - like that's going to do anything for Mother Nature.  But me? I was ECSTATIC!!

Since it's not that easy to pack up and go sledding especially with a baby, the hubby made a makeshift hill in the backyard with the snowblower - yep, we're cool like that

My handsome boy having so much fun in the snow! Makes this Mama so happy!


This winter has been the first time Brayden really wants to play in the snow all day long - he's always liked it, but this year, he really loves it! There have been plenty of days where we all come in the eat lunch or do whatever and he stays out there because he is just having so much fun.

I kept saying "snow selfie!" Clearly, they were thrilled

After we play in the snow, it is an absolute must we have hot chocolate with 50+ marshmellows :)

While I can do without the -30 temps here, I could never live without all the snow.

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