Wednesday, March 11, 2015

sensory bin

The long dreaded winter here called for some desperate measures - as in letting my kids play freely with rice indoors and most ending up on the floor :)

I'm talking about a sensory bin! Even though I have been cleaning up more rice than I hoped, this little bin has been a life saver.

Here's the link I found for it - I followed the directions but added more rice to my bags because I was only doing 4 colors.

I grabbed some things I had around the kitchen to toss in to play with - measuring cups, measuring spoons, an ice cream scooper, a funnel, small plastic cups. 

I bought my plastic bin at Michaels and it's the perfect size for what I needed.

Don't mind the potty #keepinitreal

This was so easy to make and the kids LOVE it.  I honestly thought only Ella would get some use out of it but Brayden has been playing with it non stop too.

I love when I find something super easy to make that the kids actually enjoy. This is a win in my book

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