Monday, April 20, 2015

weekend recap

Happy Monday friends! We had a good weekend full of family fun with some relaxing time in there

Friday started with taking this handsome little man to school

After picking Brayden up from school we had a playdate at the school park with some friends and the kids had a blast!

My little diva :)

Miss Avery was enjoying cheerios while soaking in the fresh air

The boys had so much fun running around and burning off endless amounts of energy :)

Saturday Brayden had a birthday party at the pool where he has swim lessons.  

These guys are such good little buddies :)

Saturday night the hubby went and helped move some furniture from my Grandmas house to my moms and the older kiddos and I laid in my bed and watched some Little Mermaid. I love snuggle time so so much!

Sunday we did some morning errands then had some down time to relax a little.  The kids were so happy when I let them eat cereal for lunch :)

Sunday night we had ice cream and watched Home Alone (Brayden's pic) and the kids were instantly hyper :)

The hubby shared a little of his with Miss A and she was screaming for more!

We managed to get the kids to bed on time then the hubby and I hung out and watched some DVR'd dateline episodes then fell asleep on the couch.

This week Brayden is the VIP at school and I get to go volunteer one day. I can't wait to go hang with my little man and see him get the special treatment :)  I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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