Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brayden the VIP

Monday was the start of my little guy being VIP at preschool.  The VIP is the person who gets to basically go first in everything they do.  We also had a workbook we had to complete prior to Monday.  It was an all about me book where you wrote things you like and don't like, 3 wishes and what you wanted to be when you got older.  These were Brayden's answers:

3 wishes:

1. I wish I was a superhero
2. I wish my Daddy could stay home everyday
3. I wish I could have a sucker everyday

Things he likes:

Building blocks
Riding his bike
Going to the beach

Things he doesn't like:

Cats (LOL)

Brayden was SO excited to be the VIP and he was even more excited I was there to share in his special day.  He must have told me 30 times how happy he was that I was there and he kept thanking me for coming.  My boy can be so so sweet!

The kids had to bring in handmade boats out of foil that had to float while holding at least 10 pennies. Brayden predicted his boat could hold 22 pennies before sinking...

It ended up holding 113 pennies! After about 40, he asked, "how much longer are we going to do this?" LOL

Next we sat down to draw and Brayden wrote me my love note of the day.  He writes me one every time he is at school.  Told you he was sweet!

Then he told me I needed to work on my T i did just that :)

Silly boys!

I had such an awesome time spending the day with my little guy.  I am so lucky I get to do stuff like this because for me, this means so much.  I love watching Brayden interact with his friends and also love watching him be a good listener to his teachers (mostly). Everytime I come to class to help, I always get teary eyed that my boy is getting so big! He is becoming such a well rounded young boy and to see that in the classroom really makes me proud!  

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