Monday, April 6, 2015

Avery is 8 months!

Happy 8 months my pretty little lady!! (a little late, as usual)

It is pretty insane that you have been here with us (on the outside) for 8 months. Whoa, that went fast.

Let's recap how you've been doing :)

Sleep - You are still sleeping great.  You've been up a couple of nights and I'm sure that is from teething.  Most of the time you go right back down by yourself others, I go in and rock you.  Your napping is still good, 2 naps a day

Eating - You are still 100% breastfed :) You nurse 6 times a day, sometimes 7.  You get easily distracted while nursing though and sometimes you don't eat enough (at least for me to feel relief) You are eating solids still a couple of times a day.  We have started introducing cheerios and you are working hard on your pincher grasp.  You have the grasp down but you don't want to put the cheerio to your mouth :) It's a continuous work in progress.  We introduced the sippy cup too and you have done really well with it but you mostly just want to chew on the top

Weight - When I took you to the dr the other week, you were exactly 15lbs. 

Teething - I can finally say you are teething! I see 3 pearly whites straight through your gums and I'm sure they are going to make an appearance any day now. 

Development - I have been so worried of your rolling - more lack there of.  You still don't roll from back to tummy but you finally starting rolling from tummy to back!! (you've rolled just a couple of times in the past but it was never continuous) 

Health - this month was the first time you got really sick, with a fever and a rash called Roseola. You were miserable for an entire day then just irritable, but the best part was you were super cuddly which I totally enjoyed!!

We have been enjoying some nice(er) weather finally and you love being outside, and most of all, you love the swing!

This past month was so great and I love continuing to watch you grow.  You are such a happy, loving baby and I love this stage you are in now.  I love you so much baby girl!!

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