Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Favorite Vacation(s)

I'm joining in the fun with Andrea today and sharing my favorite vacation...although I'm cheating and sharing 2 :)

The first one was my honeymoon in Aruba.  It was GORGEOUS!! Me and the hubby still talk about how amazing it was and how we can't wait to go back, either with the kids or without.  If you haven't been, I totally recommend! Aruba is not on the hurricane belt so any time of year is good, the beaches are gorgeous and there is no one around hassling you, the food is delicious and the drinks were always yummy.

The view from our room

Ahhh my bikini wearing days...I miss them sometimes

ATV'ing around the island, sooooo fun!!


Of course I couldn't have a favorite vacation post, without mentioning Disney World!! That for sure one of my favorites!

It truly was a magical vacation and we cannot wait to go back!!

I could add a thousand more pictures, but instead you can read about our trip herehere and here if you would like and see many, many more pics!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That honeymoon in Aruba looks beautiful and relaxing! Disney is my favorite too! I love love love your Mickey/Minnie personalized t-shirts!

  2. Your honeymoon looked like such a dream! One day I'll have to recap ours on the blog... it was a disaster!

  3. Aruba looks gorgeous! I've never been there, but I'm pretty sure I need to add it to my list! And Disney is certainly a favorite as well! We can't wait to go back either!

  4. Oh I'd love to go to Aruba! How pretty!