Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A day in the life

I've been meaning to do a post like this FOREVER, but it just kept getting put aside, but don't worry, the time has finally come and today you will get a glimpse of what our day to day life is like...I'm sure you can barely contain your excitement :)

5:10am alarm goes off and I hit snooze a boat load of times.

5:40am I finally get up, use the bathroom, change into workout clothes and head downstairs

5:50 - 6:30am - work out

6:30-7am - Eat breakfast, publish a blog post if I have one that day, and read other blogs/news.

7am - This cutie joins me downstairs and I see my alone time drifting away...

7:15am - this cutie joins us too and now it's almost a party...just waiting for Miss A to get up

7-8am - Make the big kids breakfast, get myself ready for the day (super quick! I shower at night which makes it alot easier) make Brayden's lunch (which I always say I should have done the night before), Avery finally gets up so I get her changed and bring her down then make her breakfast

some days I give a note, some days I don't

the princess has joined us

8-8:20am - the kids play/watch TV, I empty the dishwasher and Brayden gets himself ready for the bus

8:25am - I walk Brayden to the bus at the very last minute so I don't leave the girls alone too long (the stop is right next door to our house) When it's not so cold, we all go to the stop.

8:30-8:50am - We have to watch Goldie & Bear on Disney - it's Avery's favorite. She seriously demands watching it by grabbing the remote, pointing to the TV and yelling BEAR!!

8:50-9:30am - Storytime and playtime

9:45am - We leave for Costco

10-11am - We shop at Costco and most of the trip goes like this...Ella crying because she didn't want to sit in the cart in the front by Avery, she wanted to sit IN the cart, but there would be no room for my stuff so she has to sit next to her sister - I know, it's a tough life. We quickly drop off the groceries at home so we can get to the library for story time.

these are SO good!

11:15am -12:30pm - Library.  I had a total fail moment when I thought story time was at 11:20 but nope, it was at 11, so we missed most of it but still had lots of fun playing.

crying because she didn't want to leave when yet an hour earlier she was crying she didn't even want to go...oh toddlers!

12:30pm - I make the girls lunch (Ella HAS to help, which I really do love..most days) then I continue to put the Costco stuff away that I left out

Max is just waiting for food to drop

1-1:30pm- Playtime then I put Avery down for a nap

1:30-2:30pm - Ella heads up to her room for quiet time (which on this day she actually stayed up there the entire time, thanks to her tablet) - I eat lunch, then clean up all of our lunches, sweep, and clean the appliances

2:30-3:10pm - Ella and I play and do some school time then we go get Brayden off the bus

3:15 - Avery is up! It's snack time all around and Brayden works on his homework

3:30-4:30pm - Play

4:30pm - I start dinner and let Brayden & Ella play on their tablets and Avery watches, you guessed it, Goldie & Bear!

5:15-6pm - dinner 

6:15-7 - I ran out to Target and Michaels alone since I knew it wasn't bath night (we do every other night) and it was glorious! 

7-7:30 - Hang out and play -tonight we played Spot It! The big kids love that game

7:30pm - Avery goes down first

7:45-8:20pm - We put Brayden & Ella to bed, which consists of reading, laying with each other them, playing rock, paper scissors a handful of times and rubbing their backs (this is all done by me mostly, ha ha)

8:20-9:45pm - Me and the hubs hang out on the couch and catch up with our shows. Then I crawl upstairs and get ready for bed and am usually sleeping by 10:15

There you have it! A glimpse of what our everyday lives look like - exciting huh??

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  1. Love this!! Looks like your days are filled with fun :) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  2. This was such a fun read. I love posts like this! I always wait to shower until at night too, even if I was a nasty, sweaty mess during my workout - ain't nobody got time for that. Gotta get the day going! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!

  3. Love DITL posts! You are one busy mom!

  4. My son loves Goldie and Bear too! it's at least (to me) one of the least annoying shows out there... so we watch it a lot too!

  5. I saw the title for this post and got so excited!! I seriously think that Day in the Life posts are my very favorites! WHY is that?? I feel like such a creeper. Haha.

    But girrrrl, I can't believe that you wake up earlier than I do and you don't even have to leave for a 9-5 job. You're a rockstar! If I stayed at home, I'd probably wait 'til the last minute before the kids had to get up and I'd never have any alone time. Haha. Oh, and Jacob LOVES Spot It. It's one of his faves!