Monday, May 23, 2016

weekly recap {5.23.16}

We had such a great weekend I was so not ready for Monday to come, yet here it is...  our whole week was a pretty good one as a matter of fact - here's our recap

Monday we went grocery shopping then met up with some friends and went to a park. The rest of the day we hung around the house.

Tuesday we headed to a local park/pond near us to feed the ducks. The girls were really excited for this, especially Avery who LOVES ducks.  Everytime she sees one, she yells DUCKS, DUCKS!

After feeding we played at the park for a bit

Then it was home for lunch and playtime! Ella was really into stacking these blocks last week which was strange because she hasn't touched them in years. Oh well, it kept her busy and she had fun!


Wednesday we were having a playdate at our house.  The girls and I whipped up some blueberry & strawberry muffins before our friends got here

Thursday we headed to the library for this fun class called Lil' Gardeners.  It was a drop off so Ella would have to go in the room without me (just for some stories then a craft and I would stay in the library) but she was not having it.  I didn't push her so we just went and played in the main area.

After dropping my Mom off after the library, the girls and I headed to a nearby park.  They LOVE this park so much


Thursday night we had a baseball game at the park in our neighborhood.  Afterwards we let the kiddos play at the park for a while.  Brayden loved playing with boys his own age for once instead of his sisters

Friday was Hawaii day at school and this is the picture I got before he left for school.  Oh 5 year olds, they are so fun :)

The girls and I went shopping and Ella made her self at home on every chair she saw at HomeGoods.

Friday night we surprised the kids and took them swimming! We thought it would be fun to switch up our usual Friday night of staying in and eating pizza.  The kids were sooooo excited and we had a great time!

I can't even.

My whole world

Ella wrote my name on the driveway Saturday before swimming lessons.  This girl melts my heart!!

After swimming, it was off to baseball!! The boys played soooo well and I had so much fun watching

The Mom who brought treats also gave each kid a red nose so of course we had to get a pic!

Saturday afternoon we headed to my SIL & BIL's new gorgeous house for my nephews 2nd birthday party.  It was such a nice day and the kids enjoyed playing on all of my nephews new toys :)

birthday boy!

Sunday I took Brayden to his classmates party in the morning then it was home to do some gardening. I had the cutest little helper :)

At some point Avery was napping, the hubs was working on his sisters table and Brayden & Ella went inside because they were really hot, so this happened.  I sat outside, drank a beer and read my book that I've been trying to finish for months.  It was a great 20 minutes.

My Mom came over around 4 and we all went out for ice cream!

We ended our day with baths and showers all around.  I was so happy to just hit the couch and relax.

Now we're off to get our week started! :)

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  1. The three of them at the pool - too much cuteness! So glad you guys had a great week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That place y'all took the kids Friday night to the pool looks so cool! Is it an indoor water park or something?? We don't have anything like that here... I guess because it's mostly hot down here so everyone has outdoor pools. I think it would be nice to have an indoor swimming place, though, for when it's chilly. I think Jacob would would do better if the pool water was warmer, too. He can't stand it if it's cooler than bathwater. Lol. All we have is the YMCA and I'm not really sure how nice ours is.

  3. I'd say you guys had a great week! I agree with Lindsay, that pool looks so neat!

    Have you done a house tour? The kids' playroom looks so cool!

  4. It looks like you had a fun, busy week! Love the pictures!

  5. Such cute pictures feeding the ducks! Thats so fun they love it so much.

  6. You always pack so much into a week - you amaze me, girl! Great pictures! LOVE Ella's Minnie hoodie! Where did you find that? I love the shot of all three kids at the pool. Avery doesn't look impressed, haha. Enjoy your week, Lizzie!