Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ella's First Dance Recital

I couldn't go without posting about my sweet girls first dance recital on the good ol' blog!

Ella has been in dance lessons since September 2015 - she was the youngest in the class but really took to it! She especially loved not doing what the instructor would say and just do what she wanted all while staring at herself in the ginormous mirror :)

I was so excited to learn that even at this young age, there would be a recital! Duh, that's the whole reason we signed up :)

Now to overload you with tons of pics of my girls special day!


This last picture of her on stage has me cracking up - before the show she was begging for a light up wand that they were selling, and I told her she would get one after she performed (I wasn't above bribery especially when I thought there was a chance she wouldn't come on stage!) So anyway, we were holding a light up wand in our laps that my Father in Law had bought and at the very end she said really loud "Is that my light up wand!?" It was so funny and cute, girl doesn't forget a thing!

Afterwards some of us went for ice cream at Ella's request :)


We had such a wonderful day watching our girl shine!! 


  1. That is the sweetest thing ever! My oldest girl has danced for years and there is nothing better than watching them on stage-- especially when they are so young! Your daughter look adorable and I love that she was so focused on that light up wand! haha!
    xo, jen @

  2. Oh my goodness, Lizzie! She is just so dang sweet! I know that your heart was just bursting watching her up there on that stage!

  3. Oh my word, she is cute. Seriously soooo cute and the whole "light up wand" thing...I'm LOLing over here! So stinkin' cute. She was all business in that pic, a deal's a deal! Sooo funny!

  4. Just precious! I love how many people came to cheer her on!

  5. She looks adorable in her dance costume. Looks like it was wonderful memories made.