Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Brayden's 1st Tball Game

You guys, I'm officially a baseball Mom and I love it!! This is something I've been waiting patiently for since I knew I was having a boy. I always wanted my son to play baseball and to go watch the games and cheer on the sidelines.  Baseball was always one of my favorite sports growing up and I even played softball for many, many years.

We knew we had a little baseball player on our hands when Brayden was only 6 months old and throwing a ball overhand like a pro.  Everyone would comment about how good he could throw, and his aim was always spot on! It was crazy!

We waited until this year to actually join a Tball team/league because we just didn't think he was ready last year and I'm so happy we waited.  He really has taken to the game and is always talking about baseball.

Of course he has a long way to come with learning the game, etc, I am so proud of him already!!

A couple of weeks ago he had his first game and he did great! Even though it's tball, they do get the ball pitched to them, about 4 times and if they don't hit then they hit off a tee.  Brayden had to hit off the tee once and was pretty bummed about it but thankfully he got over it quickly. The other times he hit right from the pitch!

There's my handsome hubby out there pitching to the boys! Brayden loves that he is an assistant coach!

This little girl was LOVING all the attention she was getting from the boys.  She even stole someones hat and wouldn't take it off, ha ha

The first game was so much fun! We've only had 1 other game so far and it was rained out about 1/3 way in.  We are looking forward to tomorrows game with hopefully nice weather :) 


  1. How cute is he in his uniform!!! So adorable! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So fun!! Your little guy looks so cute. Super busy baseball mom over here as well!

  3. How exciting... I know that you are probably just as excited as he is! He looks so handsome and grown up in his uniform!