Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Recap {5.9.16}

Monday, you came too quick!! We had such a great week and an even better weekend!

Last Monday I took Ella to her first dentist visit.  I really didn't even think she would handle it any other way than fine, but boy was I wrong! She wouldn't even let the girl touch her teeth to count them, so a cleaning was for sure out of the question.  They called this visit a "chair ride" so she got to see what it's like to come and get familiar with it.  Hopefully in 6 months my girl will be ready :)

Both girls still got suckers (sugar free) and were happy when we left, ha

We did some playing outside before naps/quiet time. Avery looks so small in our yard at times

After Brayden finished his homework, we headed out to play some more! Yay for nice weather!!

Tuesday I took the girls to a garden that we were having our family pictures taken.  I had never been so I wanted to go scoop it out and get some ideas.

Tuesday night we played outside some more - I hung with the girls while the hubs and Brayden practiced baseball

Avery was funny about the sandbox - she wouldn't get in but still wanted to play so she just stood outside of it and helped dig and fill the bucket :)

Wednesday was much colder! Brayden had a half day and on half days we go pick him up and usually go do something.  This day we played at the school park then headed to BK!

We went and took our family pictures Wednesday night because it was the only day we could and I'm so bummed that the weather was terrible. I'm hoping we still got some good ones!

Thursday was super nice again (go figure the ONE day there was nasty weather was the day of our pictures)

We played outside, then ran some errands and headed to the park after.

Thursday night Brayden had a baseball game and they all played so great!!

Friday was sooooo nice so we headed to the zoo! Along with everyone and their mother :) We had such a nice time but Avery was mostly contained to the stroller because there were just too many people

This picture sums up Ella perfectly -NEVER wanting to be in the picture. If you look closely, she is crying just because I suggested it, LOL

Friday evenings view :)

Saturday morning Ella had swim lessons then it was home to pack up for Brayden's game. This one was in our neighborhoods park so I took the girls down with the wagon.

Alot of the hubby's family came to the game which was so fun! We all headed to my in laws afterwards to celebrate Mother's Day. After hanging out there for a while, we headed to my Mom's to celebrate with her and my sis/BIL/nephew. It was a fun filled Saturday and I think I was asleep by 9pm

Sunday morning the hubs picked up my favorite donuts, favorite coffee and favorite skillet from our local diner.  I was spoiled and I enjoyed it!

After breakfast the kids couldn't wait to give me their presents! Brayden picked out that beautiful blue ring and Ella picked out the necklace.  Avery picked out another necklace and they all drew and decorated cards for me. I was one happy Mama!!

We had a late start to our day but we really didn't have any major plans so it was fine by all of us.  We  first headed to a local nursery to pick up some veggies to plant.

After that we went to Home Depot which seemed like we were there forever! We bought some flowers and the hubby bought some wood for some steps he is building off our back door. 

We had lunch then played outside, it was sooo nice out! (The hubby is back there weeding out my garden beds because I was too scared to go near them because for some reason there were SO many bees right there)

Avery went down for her nap and me and the bigger kids planted the veggies and then played zombies :)  We all then went and laid down for a little then we headed to the park.

We ended our night with pizza and watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and then it was bedtime for the kids (and me shortly after)  I had such a wonderful Mother's Day and am so grateful I get to celebrate this day.  Thanks to my hubby for helping make it so special :)


  1. Happy Mothers Day! I love your weekly recaps! You always full the week with so many fun activities for your kids !

  2. Aw poor little Ella, I hate that she didn't do well at the dentist, but hopefully next time she'll feel like an old pro. And she looks so tiny in that big ol' chair!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!! Your yard is so big!! the kids are going to love growing up there and running around in it!!! And those are such beautiful Mothers Day gifts!!!!

  4. We're planning on taking Mila to the dentist this fall. I have a feeling her visit will be similar to Ella's! Can't wait to see your family photos. Sometimes terrible weather makes for great photos! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Oh man! Tell Ella that Henry is the same way when going to the dentist! We've tried twice and he's now five. Nothing. He won't even get in the chair, so consider the fact that she took a "ride" a success. LOL!

    It looks like you had a super fun weekend and how sweet all the cards from your kiddos! Happy (be-lated) Mother's Day, friend! :)

  6. Such a fun and busy week!!! Hopefully your garden is more successful than my recent attempt :). Hope you had a great Mother's Day and glad your kiddos spoiled you!!!