Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 famous people I want to get drunk with

Today's post is a fun one! I'm sharing the 10 famous people I would totally get drunk with if given the opportunity

1. - Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson

I would totally make them crash a wedding with me

2. - Amy Schumer 

I have a feeling she would make fun of me so bad I would pee my pants

3. - Guilanna & Bill Rancic

I have loved her since her early days on E! News and then fell in love with him once they got together. They seem like fun down to earth people

4. - Scott "The Lord" Disick

Come on, even though he's a total POS, we all know he was the star of Keeping up With The Kardashians! I would love to get drunk and hear stories about them

5. - Kathy Lee & Hoda

These ladies have me cracking up at 9am with only coffee in my system, I can't imagine if I had alcohol in me

6. - David Hasselhoff 

I'll be sure to grab us a couple of cheeseburgers

7. - Kevin Harte 

This guy would have me rolling and my face would probably hurt from smiling and laughing too much

8. - Kelly Ripa

Major girl crush!! I would love to hang with her and get the real dirt behind Michael leaving

9. - Jimmy Fallon

Holy hilarious this guy is, I imagine more peeing and face hurting if I got to get drunk with him :)

10. - Britney Spears

Maybe, just maybe, she would tell me what the hell she was thinking when she shaved her head and went after a photographers car with an umbrella??

Which famous person would you want to get drunk with!?


  1. LOVE this! What a fun post. And Scott Disick would totally be on my list! He's a hot mess but I love him. Bethenny Frankel would be on my list as well, but I'd have to do some thinking for the other eight! :)

  2. Bahahahahah I love this list! Count me in with Vince & Owen, Kathy Lee & Hoda, Jimmy, and Britney!

  3. Oh. My. Lawd. This was hilarious. Yes! Can I come and chill, too?! Yes. Vince, Kathy Lee and Hoda and oh my gosh, Britney?! How do we make this happen??

  4. this is such a fun list!!!! Kathy Lee and Hoda are awesome, and Scott Disick could at least get you into all the hot clubs!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is the best post ever! I love it! And yes, most of these would be on my list, only I would have to remove somebody to add Justin Timberlake... and I'm hoping that he would get drunk, too, so we could make out. And Brian couldn't even be mad... I mean, shoot, it's JT!!!! Lol.

  6. Hilarious! Jessica Simpson, hands down. She's always been my favorite!

  7. omg, I was laughing so hard reading this! All of these people are hilarious, I cannot imagine how much funnier they would be with a couple drinks!
    xo, jen @ bellenbrooks.com