Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {4.26.17}

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What we're eating this week:

So far we've grilled burgers and had an easy quesadilla night but I am going to attempt to make this this week and I so hope it turns out as good as it sounds!!

Creamy Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta:

What I'm reminiscing about:

Well since I have Disney on the brain pretty much every day (planning is in full force!!) I have been thinking back to our trip. It feels like forever ago but it was only 2 years ago. I guess that's a good thing?

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I also know so many people planning their own trips and I always send them to my past posts I did on planning your trip - if you're interested, you can find them below :)

What I'm loving:

Our nice weather we've been having!! Although, it looks like that is coming to a halt for a little while

What we've been up to:

Currently our house is in shambles, well not completely, but we are having work done on our drainage pipes and other pipes in our walls (don't ask me the details ha ha) and the contractor has ripped out walls in our laundry room, walls in our master bathroom and cut open our ceiling in our family room (that opens up to our master bathroom) - so yeah, it's a bit messy over in these parts lately.

I've been keeping the girls out pretty much all day to stay out of our contractors way so we've had a play date and then done  

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Oh and Brayden had his first baseball game last week and they played so well!! I'm so excited for baseball season!

What I'm dreading:

I have Brayden's dr appt for his umbilical hernia next week - I am dreading hearing about his surgery

What I'm working on:

Of course I have to mention my Facebook deals group because it's turning into a little part time gig and I couldn't be happier! I am constantly trying to grow it while maintaining posting deals. I am so close to 2K in the group which is my next goal! If you want to join, feel free to here! :)

What I'm excited about:

Ella has her dance recital this weekend and I can't wait to see her cute butt up on stage!!

This is her from last year

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What I'm watching/reading:

Currently the hubby and I are watching Narcos - it's pretty crazy!! Anyone else watch it??

Image result for narcos

What I'm listening to:

Since I got the kids each a new CD for Easter, we've had Moana, Sing & Trolls on repeat in the car

What I'm wearing:

My standard "momiform" which consists of jeans, a tee, and some converse :)

What I'm doing this weekend:

We have Brayden's schools fun fair Friday, Ella has dance recital practice and pics Saturday at the same time Brayden has a baseball game, so we will have to miss that. After all that, we are heading to watch my niece's communion then go celebrate that, and her 8th birthday, and Sunday is Ella's recital! A fun filled weekend for sure!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

More baseball games, my Godson's baptism, Mother's Day and hopefully just spending lots of time outside!!

What else is new:

Getting work done at our house, baseball season starting, my Facebook group growing, nope, I think I about covered mostly everything that is new!

Bonus Question: - Favorite Spring/Summer shoe:

I already answered that above, for me, it's converse definitely in the Spring. For my kids, hands down Natives!!

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  1. I LOVE that graphic tee! I need to know where that came from. We totally watched Narcos. OH MY WORD it was intense but goodness we were really hooked. Sorry about all of the craziness. I know living like that can be really exhausting. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  2. Lots going on for you! Sounds like you'll have a fun and busy weekend too.

  3. Ya'll are pretty busy! Bring on baseball season though - yes! That dish has me drooling so let us know how it turns out!

  4. So much fun in this WUW!! Love your mama tshirt is so cute and aren't you the most adorable Disney family! And oh my cuteness Ella in her tutu...precious!!

  5. I am so jealous of your weather. Sunday was the only nice day we had and it feels like the rain has been here forever. I love your Disney throwback pic. It's so crazy how much the kids grow in a few years. Converse are my go-to also or my espadrilles. Have a great rest of the week! Beautifully Candid

  6. It sounds like you have a lot of fun outings coming out. That's great. Oh, poor Brayden if he has to have surgery. Never an exciting thing!

    Congrats on your FB group growing!


  7. Oh my house construction is always messy and long with little kids! Hope it wraps up soon! I agree I love my converse and I love your tee in that pic! Xoxo Erin

  8. We are definitely heading to Disney next spring and I could NOT be more excited! Fortunately one of our friends is a Disney travel agent so she's going to do all of the work for us. We are going to start booking next month! EEEEK!

  9. I love my converse as well. So comfy and looks great with everything. I want to try that pasta recipe too. Let me know what you think of it. I can't wait to plan a Disney vacation, but we want to wait until the girls are a bit older. And by we, I mean my husband. That is the cutest recital picture!

  10. That Disney picture is amazing! I adore the shirts and Mickey/Minnie ears! I am so ready to go back to Disney World. Prayers for you and Brayden. I know that no mama wants to even think about their children having surgery. Dance recitals are just about the cutest thing ever!!

  11. I love your mom tribe shirt! So cute! What is that meal you posted a picture of? It looks really good!!!