Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What's in my Purse {link up}

Happy Tuesday! Since I couldn't get my act together to link up with Erin yesterday, I'm linking up today. I'm also happy to report that the icky stomach thing I got is finally gone.

Ok so this month's topic was 10 items in your purse right now

First - here's a look at my purse. I actually bought this based on the recommendation of Stephanie. I want to get it in black too but that has to wait. You can find here, there are multiple colors!

Now onto the 10 things I grabbed from inside..

1. Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. I always have a bunch of these on hand just in case. You can use them at Buy Buy Baby so they always come in handy either way!

2. First aid bag - this has some Neosporin Kids Spray & band aids.

3. Pen - duh

4. Glasses - I rarely wear them but it's good to keep them with me just in case

5. Wallet - I actually just purchased this wallet after my friend made fun of me for using a super bulky one. I love this one so much and I grabbed it for under $10 on Amazon! You can find it here

6. Snacks - because kids

7. Bows - because girls

8. Mints - I love these blue mints and any time I'm at Aldi I grab them

9. Socks from those trampoline places. I figured we had to buy them I should keep them on me for when we go back.

10. A couple dot markers. I bring these with for Avery to play with while Ella is in her speech lesson on Fridays.

There you go, a bunch of super random stuff that's currently in my purse!

*linking up with Lindsays Sweet World & Our Pretty Little Girls


  1. Ha! I love your randomness in your purse! I miss all that kid stuff in my purse! Ella is 9 so for the most part she carries her own purse and Ian is 12 and only carries his phone in his pocket! :(

  2. I always have a stack of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons as well. Love shopping there.

  3. So fun! I carry 2-3 pieces of candy and tell my husband it's for when I get stranded or a long drive thru line, lol.

  4. Woo-Hoo! This was fun! You purse is so pretty. I can guarantee that I have a couple bows in my purse as well...along with a few headbands for myself. I can also guarantee that my purse is about 75% trash and things I don't need. LOL! Maybe I just need a bigger purse... Seriously, I loooove yours!

  5. Cute bag! I love these kinds of posts.

  6. I love that you carry dot markers with you! That is SO smart! I still haven't gotten any of those for our kiddos.

  7. Love that purse! I keep Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in my car just in case I stop in!

  8. This made me laugh. I have the same items in my purse, right down to the trampoline socks! They come in handy when we go places that require socks!

  9. Keeping socks in your purse is sooo handy. I never think of that. I am too afraid to go through my purse. Ha.

  10. First off your purse is SUPER cute. Secondly I am loving the randomness.

  11. First off your purse is SUPER cute. Secondly I am loving the randomness.

  12. I have that purse - in both the brown and the black! I love love love all the pockets.

  13. Hahah snacks because kids. Amen to that!

  14. I have socks in my bag too! Love your bag, checking it out now!

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