Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites {4.14.17}

Happy GOOD Friday! This week flew by! We had some good weather mixed with some rain, but overall ok.

Today Brayden has his buddy from class coming over the play so I need to find something for me and the girls to do so they stay out of their hair. Ella always has such a hard time when Brayden has a friend over, she wants to be with them so badly but of course, they don't want her. Story of a younger siblings life, right??

Anyway, here's my favorites of the week!

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{ONE} - Girl Chat

Did you see yesterdays post? It was our monthly Girl Chat link up and the topic was Easter traditions. If you missed it, you can check it out here

Here's the schedule for the rest of the year, we would love to have you next month!

{TWO} - New Vase

My Mom picked me up this new vase that I had been on the hunt for. I didn't have time to check Homegoods the other day so she went for me and sent me multiple pics of different ones (seriously, Moms are awesome!) - I picked this one and had some tulips that I had already bought from Trader Joes so they went together perfectly :)


{THREE} - Random pictures

I love when I open my camera roll on my phone and find a bunch of random stuff from the kids. This week Ella took my phone and proceeded to take selfies of her and her giraffe - girl needs to work on her angle though :) She also recorded a video of her and the giraffe playing together and it is hilarious

{FOUR} - Lunch Ideas

I've been in a serious rut with lunches for the girls lately. This pin is going to inspire me to try some new stuff!

These 12 Healthy Toddler Lunches are nutrient packed (we are even going to hide some extra veggies in them) and balanced meals that will be devoured by your toddler in no time at all!:

{FIVE} - Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Those new vases are so perfect for your tulips! So pretty!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That mom very true!! Look at those pretty tulips....Pretty like YOU!!! Happy easter weekend doll!!

  3. That vase is so pretty, and pink tulips are my favorite! Love it! That last meme really got me laughing. I, too, make good that no one eats and enjoy long walks by myself to the bathroom. :) Happy Friday!

  4. Yessssss to all of this! That vase is so pretty. What a nice Mama you have! Those memes - yup. The anxiety that comes with becoming an adult...ugh. Sometimes throughout the week I wish I could put my fearless and careless 15 year old brain back in my head just so I can re-freaking-lax! Instead, my 34 year-old self is a hot-anxious mess about 98% of the time! Just another reason I drink wine. LOL!

  5. I use a pretty Mason jar for my vase. It's one my Grandma had but if I were to need a new one, this would be it!

  6. First, your comments are coming up as no-reply comments in my email (FYI). Second, I need that healthy toddler lunch ideas. Totally pinning it and using it. We struggle with lunch ideas as well. Love the random shots of Ella. And that funny is soooo me. I love wine too much. I admitted to my mom last week that I drink lots of wine since the girls were born and I am not ashamed of it. Ha.

  7. Your new vase with the tulips is perfect!! So pretty!! Have a great Easter weekend!!

  8. Your funnies made me laugh! And I love your new vase! XOXO

    1. Haha I had a good laugh at them too, and thank you!!

  9. Your memes always have me laughing out loud :). Happy Friday and off to read your Easter traditions!!!!

  10. I love that vase, and you are so right, moms are awesome. I love the memes, they are hilarious! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. I love those vases! I feel like I'm all about white lately and just having clean lines. Moms are awesome. Haha those random pics are always fun to find. I will definitely be checking out that pin because I feel like I'm in a lunch box rut. I hope you and the family have a great Easter <3

  12. That vase is BEAUTIFUL! So farm-housey (That's a word correct?). I hope y'all have an amazing Easter weekend!

  13. That vase is BEAUTIFUL! So farm-housey (That's a word correct?). I hope y'all have an amazing Easter weekend!

  14. That vase is so pretty! I had a bunch of random pics on my phone today from my husband's little cousins at Easter yesterday - I didn't even know they'd gotten my phone so it cracked me up.

  15. Those funnies just made my day! haha still laughing! Love the tulips and looking forward to May's girl chat!

  16. Love that new vase and the flowers look gorgeous too!

  17. All sorts of YES to that last quote! Love that new base and those fresh flowers! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

  18. That vase is great! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  19. That vase with the tulips is so pretty! I love tulips and they are just the perfect pop of color.