Thursday, April 20, 2017

Remembering the Little Things {APRIL}

I was so excited to participate in this link up this month and then I forgot #bloggerfail. However, I'm only a day late so it still counts, right?

This link up is all about remembering the little things. Anything to talk about my kids, I'm game for.

Here's some things I want to remember:


*The way she says Ella's name is adorable - she pronounces it BLEH-BLEH

*She carries around her little tsum tsums with her everywhere. She has 5 now and it's so cute when she gathers them all up to bring with her, and of course they better be in her bed when it's nap or bedtime!

*At bedtime or naptime she will grab you and hold on so tight so you lay with her in her bed. She says "lay in my bed!!" over and over again, even when you're laying right next to her. Silly girl!


*She "reads" to me all the time. Currently she obsessed with a little Minnie Mouse holiday book. She listened to me read it a couple of times and has most of it memorized, and what she doesn't, she just makes up and it's hilarious

*She dances and sings all the time. Most of the time she makes up songs and it's just the cutest thing! She really is our free spirit child

*She was doing a word search the other day and she kept saying "Mom, I'm doing my research right now!" when I would ask her to do something. So cute.


*He comes home with a new joke from school every week. It's so fun seeing elementary school through him.

*He paints the girls nails whenever they ask him, he can be so sweet to them when he wants to be!!

*He asks me every night which stuffed animal he should sleep with. When I give a suggestion he will say "oh yeah, I haven't slept with X in a while, it's definitely time" I love that he still does this

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!

*linking up with This is For Keeps


  1. He paints the girls nails?! Best big brother EVER!!! Some day I will remember this linkup and join. Your kids are the sweetest friend.

  2. I love this! Better late than never. Haha I'm doing my research, I love it! And how awesome he paints their nails. What a great big brother! Your kids are all so cute together, you have such a beautiful family <3 Beautifully Candid

  3. I wish I was better at remembering all of the little things that happen here! LOL at the way Avery says Ella!

  4. Brayden paints their nails?! OMG so sweet! I bet you just melt into a puddle don't you? Such a great big brother.

  5. Oh my goodness, Brayden paints the girls' nails. What a sweet brother. Love all these little moments.

  6. These are so sweet! I love to record all the little moments so I can remember them forever!

  7. I love this link-up and plan to join in next month. I never want to forget the little things about Connor and our time together.

  8. I love how she says Ella! That is awesomely adorable. And the fact Brayden paints the field nails is just as sweet can be. Thanks so much for linking up! It's funny how these little, simple things are so important in the big scheme of things!

  9. This is so sweet! You're going to be so thankful you recorded these little memories when they're older!

  10. My son has learned so many jokes this year and oh the love of stuffed animals ❤