Thursday, April 13, 2017

Girl Chat {April 2017}

Hey hey!! Today is April's edition of our monthly Girl Chat! Our topic this month is:

What are your Easter traditions?

Here's what we do!

We dye Easter eggs

Over the years this has gotten more and more fun! I'm sure it helps that the kids are getting bigger and are really into it. Last year we gave each kid a whisk and it helped so much!!

We see the Easter bunny

I think only 1 time I took Brayden to the mall to see him and after that I said I wouldn't pay to just go the mall for that. I felt like it was a rip off and let's be honest, the Easter Bunny is no Santa Claus! So after that we would just see the bunny at events we would go to.

Here are the bunny pics throughout the year, as you can see, most are a hot mess but I still love them!

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On the actual holiday

First thing is the kids wake up to their baskets!

After that we hang around for a little and do a little egg hunt at home.

Some years we go to church, some years we don't. It really just depends. As far as gathering, things have changed over the years. We use to go to my husbands grandparents house with the entire family. It was a huge gathering! His grandparents lived in a retired community and we always went to brunch there. The food was always amazing, there was a full spread of everything you would find at a brunch.

After we all ate, we would cram into his grandparents place and hang out until the Easter egg hunt was ready for the little ones.

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After the hunt we would hang around a little while longer then call it a day and head home.

Now that his grandparents are no longer with us, everyone sort of went their own seperate ways and celebrates with their own families. We spend the holiday at my in laws and we all bring a dish and have our own yummy brunch over there.  There is a huge egg hunt that goes on in their backyard which the kids look forward to every year.

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  1. I love these traditions! And why are the crying photos always the best? We have never taken Mason to see the Easter Bunny! It’s not that common down here. I think a mall about an hour away has the Easter Bunny, but we’ve heard how crazy packed it gets so we shy away! He did get to see him at school on Monday, though! (It was his coach dressed up as the Easter Bunny! Ha) Great pictures, friend!

  2. So many fun traditions you have. Your kids pics with the Easter bunny are amazing! I was secretly hoping little nugget wasn't going to like the bunny when we saw him at an egg hunt, but it was the opposite and he loved him. Go figure lol. And how cute is Brayden with that long hair?! Beautifully Candid

  3. Sounds a lot like my family traditions, but we haven't got to introduce the girls to it very much. I think we will dye eggs next year and use the whisks like you suggested. I love all the Easter bunny photos. We haven't got any in the last two years because it is expensive, but this year we get them for free at the girls' daycare party.

  4. The whisk idea is absolutely brilliant. I need to go buy another whisk tomorrow! And ohhhh the pics of the kids crying on the Easter bunny's lap! CLASSIC!

  5. Those Easter bunny pictures are HILARIOUS! :) So funny!

  6. I had to laugh - every single easter bunny picture, someone was crying or on the verge of tears. HAHA... That's so sad.

  7. So much fun! The only thing we don't do is visit the Easter Bunny, but we celebrate the same way as you do! Love those crying pictures, though! XOXO

  8. Such great traditions, i'm loving the whisk idea, and those bunny picture, I love the progression of crying.

  9. I love the egg hunt and dying eggs too!!!!

  10. That Easter bunny is just the creepiest guy ever. I meant to share my infamous screaming photo this weekend but I was just too busy to remember. I hope y'all had a great day.