Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday Thoughts & Confessions {4.6.17}

Ok this week is flyyyyyyying by. Not that I'm complaining because I am so over all this rain we've been getting. They were even calling for snow today but I think that's just turned into more rain.

Ok ok let's get to some more complaining - I mean thoughts for this Thursday

  • Have I mentioned I'm over this weather? I swear the weather dictates my mood and let's just say lately I've been extra cranky
  • I'm super annoyed that one of my incisions from my umbilical hernia has healed weird so there is an indent now off to the side of my stomach - best way to describe is it looks like an indent from your hip bone, which wouldn't be too bad if the actual indent from my hip bone wasn't right under it!! #doublehipbone #sonotawesome. At my follow up they said to make an appt 6 weeks out if it hasn't fixed itself (which I don't see it doing) and they can fix it in the office. 
  • I am SO excited that I was able to snag every reservation I wanted to for our upcoming Disney trip! Yes, I may have set my alarm for 4:30am to be up and ready for when it opened up at 5 but hey, it was worth it!!
  • My Facebook group is growing and that is making me pretty happy! I'm so appreciative to everyone who has joined and who adds their friends! My goal was to hit 1K members and I'm a little over 700. So so close!! If you want to join, you can here. Of course then I'll give myself a new goal :)
  • I cannot wait until the lifting restriction is over for me - 1 more week will be 6 weeks and I think then I'll finally pick my kids up (it's been soooo hard!) I also can't wait to really work out again, I need some weights in my life
  • I really want to add this double hooded sweatshirt to my life but I just cannot justify it right now
  • I mentioned last week how I want to go on a vacation so badly! Since that's not going to happen for a few more months, I think we are going to go stay at a hotel one of these weekends with the kids. It's not much but it will be nice to get away for a night, not have to cook, the kids will have a blast swimming and playing at the arcade and I won't have to clean. I think more than a vaca, I just need a mental break, hopefully this does it!

That's enough for today! See you back tomorrow for my weeks favorites :)


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  1. YAY for getting all your reservations! How fun!

  2. Hope you guys get a break from the rain soon! Sending some sunshine your way. Sorry about the indent! Now I am wondering how they fix that in the office. I sure hope it’s not a painful procedure. Yay for Disney and reservations! What all did you book? We want to go back to Disney something fierce.

  3. Oh man, I have so much to say! Okay, so first I'm also sooooooo over this weather. Spring in my favorite season. I love the sun and watching the plants grow. The rain usually doesn't annoy me, but oh-my-over-it. Have these gloomy days been depressing to you too? Ugh. Second, I can't wait...CAN'T WAIT for you to start posting about your Disney trip!!! If it weren't for your first Disney trip recap posts I can guarantee that our Disney trip wouldn't have gone so smoothly. I learned a lot from you. So, thanks for that. Where are you guys eating? Tell me everything! Ahhh! We're going again in February and I'm crazy excited!! Third, I'm so curious how your FB group is going. I kind of want the details. Will you be sharing any of what your doing on a blog post? Fourth, are you guys going to South Haven again this year. We'll be there the starting on June 20th! Lastly, that hoodie. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I need one, too! I love sweatshirts can be so cute these days.

    Okay, I'm done writing a novel on your blog! LOL! Have a nice day, girl!

  4. That's great about your Disney reservations! I totally get you on the rain. It's actually sunny here today! When we travel the kids insist on swimming in the hotel pool all the time, so I'm sure yours will enjoy that weekend getaway!

  5. Glad you were able to get all of your Disney reservations! Did you end up going with Ohana's breakfast? I love your FB group and my American flag sneakers just arrived yesterday! I love the idea of a staycation hotel night stay. I remember when I was younger I didn't care where we were as long as the hotel had a pool. Beautifully Candid

  6. Yay for getting all of your Disney reservations!! We are hoping to take the kids next year for spring break and one of our friends is a Disney travel agent, so we are going to get her to book everything for us. I can't believe that her services are FREE! That is going to take such a load off of me!

  7. My mood changes with the weather as well. How will they fix the scar in the office? Just curious. I have some issues with my surgery as well. Ugh. Having a hotel staycation is awesome. I say go for it. It will make you feel better and give you the nice lift until you go to Disney!!!

  8. Going to a hotel is such a fun way to do something new with the kids. Connor loves going, mostly for the pool!

  9. Oh man the weather TOTALLY controls my mood too. I have also been a grump lately.

  10. That's awesome you got all your reservations! I feel like that would stress me out and then feel like such a triumph to actually get them all! I think everyone needs a double sweatshirt. I don't have one myself, but my mom does and I want to steal it!