Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Recap {4.10.17}

This weekend went way too fast for my liking, and that's mostly because I came down with a random sickness while we were out Saturday night and that pretty much ruined the rest of my weekend. This is going to be short and sweet since I'm still feeling crummy.

Last Tuesday was Avery's first day at her new music class. It's a class all about singing/dancing with some learning in there too and she had a blast! She was actually a little shy at first which is so not like her, but she warmed right up.


Wednesday I took the girls to the library for their story time/craft and they loved it. Avery is always pretty jittery throughout story time but this week she did pretty good.

They loved making their craft!

Ella did some "homework" as she calls it when we do school time.

Later that night Brayden was being a good big brother and painting both his sisters nails. So sweet!

Friday after speech, I ran some errands with the girls and my Mom. We hit up Hobby Lobby and Avery had fun with that giant lipstick bank and Ella loved that perfume bottle


Saturday morning while the boys were at baseball practice us girls went grocery shopping. 

Later in the day we headed to an outdoor Easter event. The weather was perfect for my new hoodie and shoes!

We met our friends there and it turned into a fun afternoon!



Later that night we went out with our same friends to a Bingo fundraiser event. It was a really fun night except right when we got there I started not feeling well. Pretty much 15 minutes into our night I felt a fever coming on and I was getting full blown sick by the hour. I managed to hang for the rest of the night but I popped some Advil as soon as I got home and went to bed.


My fever seemed to have broke by the morning but I was left feeling sick to my stomach. Ugh, not a good feeling.  I mustered enough strength to go the park with the kids but was not feeling good at all. I took a long nap and still woke up nauseous. I managed to get down some dry cereal and soup but that's it. Totally put a damper on my day which stinks

Avery was really into hitting the tennis balls at the park!!

And of course every kid had to try and climb the tree :)

The rest of the night we relaxed, everyone at pizza but me and I'm hoping that this sickness is gone by the morning (I'm typing this Sunday night)

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend girlie! Avery is going to do great in her new music class! It reminded me of when I was about her age and someone had given me wooden maracas and I kept banging my cousin on the head with them, ha ha. You look so cute in your stripes and blush slip on's! Have a wonderful Monday sweetheart!

  2. Feel better!

    How adorable Brayden painting his sisters nails!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Love that sweatshirt on you!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. Hopefully whatever you have will be gone soon. It looks like the beginning part of the week went well at least. I love your sweatshirt and yessss for those shoes! Feel better, mama! Beautifully Candid

  5. I hope you're feeling better! How yucky that you had to get sick during the weekend. That always seems to happen to me, too. I mean, why can't it just happen during the work week?? And I LOVE that Mindy Mae sweatshirt. SO CUTE!

  6. The easter event looks like so much fun!! Hope you're feeling better girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Your new hoodie!!!! Can we just share a closet. It would be the best thing ever. So is her homework the Writing Without Tears book? I thought maybe I recognized it. I did that with Marissa in Kindergarten.

  8. What book is Ella using for her letters? I think something like that would be great for Connor.

  9. That giant lipstick is sooo cute. Love Hobby Lobby. I am sorry you have been feeling sick and I hope you get better soon. Love that sweatshirt from MindyMae's. So cute.