Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Recap {4.24.17}

Happy Monday!! Normally the weekend seems to have flown by but this one didn't, and it was so nice.

But first, here's a look back at our week

We had some nice weather so went to the park and these monkeys all wanted to climb the tree

Avery LOVES her new ukulele that I got her for $7!!  you can find it here if you're interested :)

The kids all love going on the sea saw together. I'm just happy they all still fit, it will be a sad day when that can't happen anymore

We had to run some errands last week but before we hit the stores I took the girls to a park. They had fun playing on different stuff than our park has


When Avery was napping, I let Ella bust out her make up and give me a makeover :) She was in heaven doing this and now wants to make it a daily occurrence :)

Thursday I had Ella's preschool conference and afterwards we went to the library to play for a little (aka visit the drinking fountain every 5 seconds - at least that's Avery's case)

Afterwards I took them for ice cream!!

Avery is loving her new bubbles I got from Gymboree - seriously they have the best bubbles in case you've never tried them!

Friday was speech in the morning then I headed back to school to do Hot Lunch and got to see my little guy!!

Friday night we were all exhausted and I think we were sleeping before 9. Saturday we were up and out the door before 8:30 to go to Brayden's first baseball game of the season!! They played so well, I was so proud!

Later in the day I took Brayden to a birthday party then we stopped home to get the girls. Since Rick was spending the afternoon/night demoing our bathroom, I knew we had to get out of the house.  I took the kids to a park they love and we stayed for 2 hours!!

Then I took them to eat dinner at Burger King. They were only a little crazy so it wasn't so bad :)

I think I was sleeping even earlier Saturday night than Friday night. I was just exhausted! Sunday our contractor showed up at 8am to start all the pipe work. We talked with him then headed out for a fun morning. We first went out to breakfast and I was super bummed because my meal wasn't great - I've had it there before but this time they didn't cook my eggs like at all and they were super runny, which I'm not a fan of. It was still fun, oh besides the moment Avery was choking on bacon fat. Ugh I tell ya, NEVER a dull moment.

Then we took the kids mini golfing!! Brayden was super competitive and playing correct, Ella was loving it but playing totally wrong, and Avery just wanted to do a balancing beam on anything she could.  When we were done we got ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful weather!



After that there was a trip to Home Depot where the kids complained approximately 19734893 times and then finally we were home. Our contractor was still there so the hubs took the bigs over to his parents for a little while Avery napped and I got a work out in. The rest of the day was spent outside because it was so nice! 

And now I'm ready to tackle our week! Today looks gorgeous and we have a fun playdate planned.

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  1. Oh girl, what a fun week and you look so cute in your blue eyeshadow, LOL that is adorable, I love the picture of the kids in the tree and with their crowns at Burger King! Loving the sunshine and warm weather, the perfect time for ice cream! Have a wonderful week pretty girl!

  2. That makeup photo makes me laugh every single time I see it. Sorry your meal stunk. Mine was kind of that way on Friday night when we went out with Russ' parents. I really just don't like eating, but I hate cooking all the time too. #firstworldproblems. I hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. Great pics. Look at your little baseball star. I hope you have another wonderful week ahead.

  4. Looks like so much fun. I wish my kids played sports!

  5. Think Ella has a future as a make up artist. ;)

  6. Ella giving you a makeover is the sweetest thing! Olivia got some lip gloss for Easter from my parents and she is constantly asking me if I want any. Haha. I guess one day I need to let her make over my whole face!

  7. What a fun week! We love park days over here too. How cute that she did your makeup and now wants to do it all the time. Haha I had to laugh with the Home Depot and complaining because my boys are the same way every time go. Torture it is. Well, really anywhere we go that they don't care about being at. Happy Monday, mama!
    Beautifully Candid

  8. Your makeover is just too cute :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. What a fun week! Love the blue eye shadow!! And ice cream...YUM!!

  10. What a fun weekend. Love ice cream dates. And I am loving the makeover you got. I see that in my near future. My girls play with my hair already so make up is next.