Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites {2.17.17}

Happy Friday! Hallelujah the weekend is here.


I really need to chill out on the shopping but there are so many cute things out there I just can't. Plus I'm using my own money that I saved so it's not like it's coming out of our everyday money - so totally justified.

I just ordered this scarf in olive and for $10 (+ free shipping) how could I pass it up?! My mustard scarf (boo sold out now!) is also on sale for under $13 and is a must have in my opinion!


There seems to be a trend here. I bought these super cute sandals last week after returning some swimsuit bottoms that didn't work out. I figured I spent less on the shoes vs. how much I was getting back from the suits, so again, totally justified.

I wear a 6-6 1/2 in womens shoes so I can usually get buy with buying from the kids section and luckily that's where I found these. There was also a cartwheel deal going on so I got them for less.


Am I crazy for already starting to think about Ella's 5th birthday...which is in September?? Probably.

First of all, just saying she is going to 5 sounds INSANE to me, so I should probably just stop thinking about it, but my mind won't let me. Not only is she going to be 5, it is also her golden birthday. I am still torn on doing a huge party (like her brother got) or not, but leaning more towards yes, because how is that really fair if I don't.

Anyway, all this rambling to say I totally want her theme to be rainbows & unicorns - I mean how cute right? I already started a Pinterest board for it and I'm quickly becoming obsessed. She is totally on board too.


I mentioned last week that I got the hubby a Valentine's gift this year (we usually don't do gifts) and I was excited to finally give it to him. I got him and myself a fitbit, but the clip on one because I knew he wouldn't wear one on his wrist, and I really wouldn't either.  I'm so excited to get started with this thing - do you have a fitbit? Do you love it? Is there anything I need to know? I'm really just hoping I can track my workouts to it + all my steps for the day, then I need to figure out how to link it to My Fitness Pal app. I'm looking forward to joining in some challenges as well!



Favorite memes of the week

I posted this on IG the other week but had to share it again because it's just so good #lovejck

Haha I have a day like this every now and again :)

Happy Weekend! I'm looking forward to some gorgeous weather and spending lots of time outside

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  1. LOVE this favs...oh and so love JACK!!! Your new sandals are darling. I have a clip on fitbit and it has worked so well, unless I wear tight dresses, lol, but I did get a band it can slip into too. I hope your weekend is wonderful beautiful babe!!

    1. Jack is the best!! I've been wearing the fitbit for 2 days now and I just clip it in my underwear, it's been working great!

  2. Um the thing about Jack is a big fat YES! haha Love that show!

  3. haha YES I love Jack too! He is basically perfect..and you know they are not far from telling us how he died and I am so sad/anxious about it! I am so jealous you can shop in the kiddo section for shoes..doubles your options and probably saves you money, too! I totally take money I make off of little side projects, birthday money, etc. and justify buying stuff for myself, too ;-) Happy weekend!

  4. Happy Friday! Totally justifiable for shopping! I didn't get a chance to respond to your IG but when I first saw that and the size 4 on the box, I was like waittt, how small are her feet lol. Those are really cute sandals by the way! Not crazy at all to start thinking about her birthday. If you plan now you give yourself time to find what you need and not go crazy at the last minute. Have a great weekend!! Beautifully Candid

  5. I heard that fitbit is the best for when you have kids. It counts steps when you push a cart or stroller, etc. I love that Jack meme. It is soooo true. LOVE Jack so much! I love the theme for Ella's birthday. It will be soooo cute! I love those sandals and I am so jealous that they are not in my size!

  6. I LOVE those sandals and I'm so bummed that my big feet can't fit in them! You're not crazy with Ella's birthday. If anyone's crazy, it's me because I'm already planning Maci's first birthday! I'm hoping to do a unicorn theme (uni = one, thought that worked out perfectly!). Love that This Is Us meme. Have a great weekend!

  7. I really like the striped shirt but I'm not sure about the boat neck! I also buy my shoes in the kids' section when I can. It saves money and many times the quality is the same - although in some places kids' shoes are flimsier, which is very silly if you ask me! I just got a fitbit in December. Mine is the flex and it's the kind that connects to your phone, rather than showing much of anything on its own screen. I like it that way though!

  8. Those shoes are SO cute!! And I really want a fitbit. I'm just not sure if I would want to wear it all the time. I'm thinking about it, though.

  9. The This Is Us meme makes me laugh HARD but I am quite stressed about future episodes...tissues stat! I love your daughters party idea and since there's gold at the end of every rainbow it's just perfect for a golden birthday! Have a great weekend....xoxo Erin

  10. Your meme's always leave me laughing friend. I am SO jealous that you can buy kids shoes... I can't even buy them for my 8 year old anymore, lololol.