Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Recap {2.6.17}

Happy Monday!

I don't have much of a week to recap since we all (except Brayden) got hit with the stomach flu last week, but there were still some good moments

Tuesday Brayden and I had a date night planned. We ran a couple errands and then headed for some frozen yogurt. He really filled his cup!!

We played several games while there and I had so much fun soaking up the one on one time with my boy. We don't get that too often anymore.


When we got home from our date I found out Ella had been sick while we were out. I pretty much knew what the rest of the night had in store for us. I stayed up with her most of the night catching her throw up in a bowl. This was also the night me and the hubby got sick at the same time - it was awful. Thankfully Ella woke up feeling a little better but me on the other hand? I was seriously hurting. It was non stop nausea combined with a fever and chills. I didn't move off the couch all day - the girls had a free day of doing pretty much whatever the heck they wanted

Thursday was another free day since I was still sick - thankfully not as sick as the day before so I was able to actually pull some stuff together for the girls to do.

Friday was Brayden's 100th day of school and I was so happy he wanted to dress up! Last year he had no interest

Ella had her first speech lesson that morning which is actually at Brayden's school. Me and Miss A hung out in the hall during the lesson and she was having fun playing with some play doh another teacher brought out.

Brayden had been coughing for a while so I made him a dr appt to get him checked out, so right after speech the 3 ring circus left for the drs office :)

I squeezed in some play time with Miss A while Ella took a much needed nap. She is loving her new pizza set she got for Christmas!

Saturday morning Ella had dance and they are starting to work on their recital routine, they are looking pretty good!

Later in the day I took Brayden to a birthday party then to Trader Joes to grab a few essentials

Ella worked on her school project and she was so excited to play with glitter!!

Sunday we hung around the house in the morning then headed to my in laws for their Super Bowl party. Ella was really enjoying playing with big brother's qixels!

I ate WAY too much food at the party and didn't even bother documenting what I ate into My Fitness Pal - there really was no point :) - Now I'm sitting on the couch barely being able to move (from eating too much food) and watching the rest of the game - I cannot believe the Patriots came back!!

See, told you it was a pretty uneventful week! Here's to hoping this week will be sickness free and we can get out and have some fun

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  1. I am so sorry you guys all had the stomach bug last week, I know that's awful. Yes, deviated way off my diet for Super Bowl foo, the things we do, ha ha! I hope this is a sweet and smooth week ahead my love!

  2. Ugh. It's never fun being sick, especially when both parents are sick at the same time. I feel for ya', girl!

    Oh my gosh! Brayden's 100 day outfit is the cutest thing ever!!! What a cutie!

    I sure do hope you have a super healthy week! Sending you healthy thoughts. :)

  3. Oh man being sick is no fun. How in the world did Brayden avoid it? He must have a crazy immune system, lol. So glad y'all survived the yuck and hopefully it stays away for a while. I had my second cold of the winter last week and felt like I was dying for 3 days. I am done with germs.

  4. I'm so sorry that you guys were sick - but happy that you are all on the mend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. We have that same pizza set and it's been used nearly every day since October. Just this weekend Connor wanted to be the delivery man, asking for us to let him stand on the porch and knock on the closed door. I was a bit hesitant but we did it.

  6. Ugh, I'm so sorry your whole house got hit by that bug. I was sick Thursday and Friday, but it was just nausea. Luckily no puking. And my fingers are crossed that no one else in our house gets it! Brayden looked adorable for his 100th day of school! I had no idea that was a thing until recently. I don't remember celebrating 100 days of school when I was a kid.

  7. Hope you guys are feeling better. It is not fun when everyone gets sick and it hits the whole house

  8. You guys were definitely hit hard with the stomach flu! Thankfully everyone seems to be feeling better. Love the little date you had, it looks like it was so fun. And that pizza kit toy is so neat - the things I wish we had growing up, haha!

  9. Stomach bug is no good! I'm sorry girl. :/ Loving Grandpa Brayden for his 100th day. Cutest kiddos!!

  10. I hope all of the sickness is behind you guys. Brayden makes such a cute old man. I love that you take so many pictures throughout the week and document it so well. I am a total picture taking slacker during the week.

  11. I am so sorry that you all got sick. That is the worst. The dance photos are so cute. My girls had the stomach bug and I think Rory got it last week. Hoping for a sick free and fun week!