Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Recap {2.27.17}

Happy Monday! Our weekend went way too fast as always but we still had a great one!

Here's a look back at our week:

Monday Brayden was off school so we headed to a local bowling alley with several of his school friends. It was a little chaotic but the kids all had so much fun so it was well worth it :)

After bowling, we all picked up food and went to a nearby park to eat/play

some of Brayden's friends :)

Tuesday the weather was still pretty nice so we went on a scooter walk, played in the yard and played chalk

Wednesday was going to be the last day of our nice weather so we headed to a nearby park that the girls love. Surprisingly no one was there so we had the park to ourselves


Everyday when Brayden gets home from school, he immediately does his homework. Ella has started saying she wants to do her "homework" too so I  just pull out some workbooks we have and she goes at it. She is so cute!

Me and the bigs worked on a puzzle Wednesday night and after some frustrating moments, we finished it :)


Brayden's other front tooth had been hanging on by a thread all week and he finally let the hubs pull it out! Ahhh no front teeth! He kept saying how he wished that would have happened around Christmas haha!

Friday I volunteered at Brayden's school for Hot Lunch. It's probably the last time I will for a few weeks since my surgery is this week. I always love seeing my boy at school!

Saturday my sister and nephew came over and after we had lunch we headed to this fun art place so the kids could paint. They picked out their pieces and got at it! They will get glazed this week and we can pick them up Saturday, I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Later at night me and the hubs went to meet our new nephew!! He is just the cutest and I look forward to so many more snuggles!!

We moved Miss A to her toddler bed this weekend in preparation for my surgery (no lifting for 6 weeks) I was extremely worried about this transition but so far so good - she doesn't get out of the bed once we put her in, it's quite comical and we are seriously praying it stays this way!

 Sunday we took the kids on a scooter walk, lounged around the house, did tons of laundry and played outside a little more. At night I finally got around to folding said laundry while enjoying some wine and red carpet! So many best dressed people!

I'm looking forward to cramming in some extra fun this week since my surgery is Thursday and I have no idea how I'll be feeling next week.

Enjoy your Monday! (said no one ever LOL)

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  1. Congratulations on your newest nephew - such a sweet way to enjoy the weekend!! Look at that toothless grin from your son - love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love fun times at the park :) Looks like a wonderful weekend
    Chelsea @

  3. The weekends always fly by entirely too fast for my liking! Glad you had a good one, though! Bowling sounds fun. It’s something we never think of doing, though. I think we’ve only ever taken Mason once. How nice to have good weather for part of the week. Playing outside in the sunshine is just refreshing. Looks like a great week and weekend. You are so good about taking pictures! Yay for a new nephew. How precious! Prayers for your upcoming surgery, friend!

  4. aw he is presh! Looks like a fabulous weekend! Thinking of you with this surgery approaching and hoping you have a great week friend! xo

  5. What a cute little baby! We moved Simon out of his crib before my surgery too. Good luck!!

  6. You had the park all to yourselves?? Nice! I don’t think we’ve ever been that lucky! That art place looks so cool! OMG look how teeny and cute your new nephew is!! I hope Avery continues to do well in her toddler bed!

  7. Brayden's little toothless grin is just adorable! Oh my goodness I can't believe he's already old enough to lose teeth! I remember when you were sending me baby pics of him crying on Santa's lap through our work email! Haha.

    And that is so awesome that you have a child who will actually stay in her big girl bed! We are STILL having issues with Olivia! AAAAHHHH.

    Finally, I'm praying for you! Please keep us posted on your surgery!

  8. Laundry's best folded while watching good tv ;) that's my opinion anyway! I am so glad the transition is going well and that weather was so lovely :)! I am praying for you this week as you have surgery, please keep us posted as you can!!! xoxo ERIN

  9. Said no one ever, baha ha ha! YES! What a great week and baby snuggles are just the best.

  10. Oh my gosh, look at that tiny baby! He is beautiful! Glad you had a fun week and got to enjoy the nice weather!

  11. So much fun going on! My kids love sidewalk chalk but we forgot to bring it out during this nice weather. Congratulations on your precious little nephew! Glad everything is going well with her transition into her big girl bed. I'll be thinking of you this week with your surgery and keeping you in our prayers <3 Beautifully Candid

  12. Your new nephew is absolutely adorable! It looks like you had such a fun week. XOXO