Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites {2.24.17}

Boo! Our weather is back to our normal Chicago winter and after the past 2 weeks of pretty awesome weather - that totally sucks.

But enough about the weather, we'll get through it, and after-all it is the weekend! 

Image result for it's the weekend

Here's my favorites for the week:


Did you see my post yesterday about our new matching family Disney shirts??! Umm can you say obsessed because that's what I am with them. It is still months until our vaca but I can't help imagine us wearing these while we are there!


I also shared all the details of my sweet girls first Daddy/Daughter dance. I could look at these pictures everyday :)


On my quest to eating healthier I've been checking out lots of new and different recipes. I even tried the whole cauliflower pizza crust and while it really wasn't that bad, it just won't ever compare to pizza. But this cauliflower casserole recipe looks like something I can totally get on board with! Doesn't it look delish!?

to make low oxalate: sub the flour with potato or corn starch (could use tapioca starch as well in this).:


Have you guys used one of these blenders for applying your makeup? I started using these exact ones a few months ago and I love them! I use them to apply my tinted moisturizer or foundation and I love the way it goes on smooth and seamless, would definitely recommend these!



My favorite funnies of the week! 

Image result for as kids we wondered why our parents were always in a bad mood
Image result for when you drive home and then realize you zoned out the entire time so you're trying to figure out how you're still alive

Image result for cleaning with children in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Happy Friday, friend! Our weather might take a turn too but I guess it is still winter. We just got spoiled these past few days. That cauliflower casserole looks really good! I love my beauty blender and us it every day. I'm just bad with always washing it out. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  2. The cauliflower casserole does look amazing! Our weather just got cold again too, so sad.

  3. Those funnies are just that! And so true! I've seen a lot about those makeup blenders, but have never tried them. And can you send me the link to that cauliflower casserole recipe? Surely it's not 21-day fix approved, but I'm all about something semi-healthy once these 21 days are over!

  4. Where do you find your memes they are always SO good :) Ha the bad mood parents one, yep! I didn't realize you were a midwest girl, how did I miss we were just a few hours apart! And yes the weather, blah! It's snowing here...I guess we will cuddle in and watch a movie at home tonight! xoxo ERIN

  5. That cauliflower casserole does look really good. I wish I would eat the cauliflower pizza more, but I sometimes use cauliflower as my rice. Small steps. I love my beauty blender as well. Love those funnies! Have a great weekend!

  6. Love love love your Disney shirts! I got a few of those beauty blenders but I forgot about them, I'm going to have to pull them out again tomorrow!

  7. That casserole looks great and thank you for admitting it doesn't compare to pizza. I mean, does ANYTHING compare to pizza? I am going to go with a no.

  8. Your Disney shirts are awesome! I will be for sure making us Disney shirts before our next trip. That picture of the girls and their daddy is precious. I love those graphics! It’s crazy how many times that middle one happens to me. My mind wanders like crazy when driving. Eeek!